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  1. How does MC compute delta T?
    Current GS and conditions to the next waypoint. Adds VPF ETE thereafter (1-664)(-2)
  2. What is the Speed Hierarchy?
    • 1. Configuration Limit (never command >VMAX -10 or < VMMA)
    • 2. “SPEED LIMIT” on a performance page (250/10000)
    • 3. “MAX SPD” on the SPD CSTR AT WAYPOINT (Climb/Descent Only)
    • 4. “AT SPD” (prior to waypoint) [FPLAN only]
    • 5. F-PLAN Calculated Speeds to make time constraints [FPLAN only]
    • 6. “SPD” (after waypoint) on Waypoints Page[FPLAN only]
    • 7. Tech Order Speed
  3. What is the Wind hierarchy? (-2, 1-648)
    • Current Data* (Atmospheric Model) =>200 nm or 4000 feet
    • Spot Winds (Define Review Waypoint Page)
    • Climb/Descent Winds
    • Wind Factors on RTE Data Page
    • Calm

    *Current Data: MC uses ADC/IRS data for temp, temp dev, PA, hdg, drift, GS, and wind.
  4. What is the Altitude hierarchy? (-2, 1-648)
    • AT Altitude (At Before)
    • CRZ FL (At After)
    • CRZ Alt on RTE Data Page
  5. Gaining / losing time to Low level / AR (3-3, 4.5.2)
    • - Timing Triangles
    • - Orbit points (<10K, 360=2.4 min / >10k, 1% TAS = # mins for 360)
    • - 10% rule: Inc/dec IAS by 10% for 10 min to gain/lose 1 min
    • - Incremental Method: IAS/6=x. Inc/dec IAS by x for 1 min to gain/lose 10 sec.
    • - Proportional Method: Inc/dec IAS by # sec early/late. Hold for #secs = to original IAS.
    • - Change TOT
    • - 10 knot ROT: will lose/gain 1 sec/NM traveled for each 10 knots of GS faster/slower than planned GS
  6. Difference between FPLAN/TECH/MAN?
    FPLAN: Cruise phase only. Uses user-entered airspeeds or calculates speeds based on time constraints

    TECH: Used when engine out performance is confirmed. Provides ETE/ETA, bur no time control. Used for Direct To/Intercept Legs and as default when FPLAN speeds are selected, but none are manually entered and no time constraints exist.

    MAN: Manually entered. Provides ETE/ETA, but no time control.

  7. When is 1+00 per 10000’ technique accurate? (3-3,
    When there is no intervening hard waypoint

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