Ch 9 Words Part 5

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  1. nasopharyngitis
    inflammation of the nose and pharynx
  2. pertussis
    • acute infection characterized by inflammation of the larynx, trachea, bronchi
    • causes whopping cough
  3. whopping cough
    cough that makes noise at end bc of larynx spasms
  4. pharyngitis
    • inflammation of pharynx
    • sore throat
  5. pleural effusion
    fluid leak into the pleural cavity
  6. pleuritis, pleurisy
    inflammation of the pleural membrane
  7. pleuropneumonia
    disease causing inflammation of the pleural membranes and the lungs
  8. pneumoconiosis
    inflammation of the lungs caused by breathing in fine particles
  9. asbestosis
    inflammation of lungs from breathing in asbestosos fibers
  10. silicosis
    inflammation of lungs from breathing in fine silicone dust
  11. pneumonia
    inflammation of soft lung tissue (not bronchi) that results in formation of exudate (fluid) within the alveoli
  12. pneumonitis
    inflammation of the lungs independent of a particular cause
  13. pneumothorax
    abnormal presence of air or gas within the pleural cavity from chest injury causing atelectasis
  14. pulmonary edema
    accumulation of fluid within the alveoli in response to injury
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