Ch 9 Words Part 6

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  1. pulmonary embolism
    • PE
    • blockage of pulmonary circulation caused by blood clot
  2. embolus
    blood clot that moves along bloodstream
  3. embolism
    an embolus that lodges in a blood vessel causing an occlusion that blocks the flow of blood
  4. pyothorax/ empyema
    pus in the pleural cavity
  5. respiratory distress syndrome
    • RDS
    • severe respiratory disease characterized by rapid respiratory failure
  6. neonatal respiratory distress syndrome
    insufficient surfactant produced
  7. adult/acute respiratory distress syndrome
    caused by sever lung infections or injury leading to damage of lung capillary walls and bronchioles
  8. rhinitis
    inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity
  9. severe acute respiratory syndrome
    • SARS
    • severe, rapid onset viral infection resulting in respiratory distress
  10. sinusitis
    inflammation of the mucous membranes (nasal and paranasal)
  11. tonsillitis
    inflammation of one or more tonsils
  12. tracheitis
    inflammation of the trachea
  13. tracheostenosis
    inflammation leading to narrowing of the trachea
  14. tuberculosis
    • infection of the lungs by bacteria
    • TB
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