Ch 9 Words Part 10

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  1. septoplasty
    correction of deviation of the nasal septum to improve breathing
  2. TB skin test, PPD skin test, Mantoux skin test
    skin tests to determine the presence of tuberculosis infection
  3. thoracentesis
    surgical puncture using a needle and syringe into the thoracic cavity to aspire pleural fluid
  4. thoracostomy
    surgical puncture into the chest cavity for the insertion of a drainage or air tube
  5. thoracotomy
    surgical incision into the chest wall
  6. tracheoplasty
    surgical repair of the trachea
  7. tracheostomy
    surgical creation of an opening in the trachea, usually for the insertion of a breathing tube
  8. tracheotomy
    surgical incision into the trachea as part of a tracheostomy
  9. ventilation-perfusion scanning, lung scan, V/Q scan
    • VPS
    • diagnostic tool that uses nuclear medicine to evaluate pulmonary function
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