Chapter 12 Study Guide

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  1. The focus of the reform movement of the 1850s was on
    • slavery
    • education
    • prisons
  2. The goal of the women's right movement was _________.
  3. The way the abolitionists spread their word by ___________, __________, and printed newspapers.
    • preaching
    • speeching
  4. ___________were the reformers who moved to end slavery.
  5. This movement promoted revival of religious beliefs:
    Second Great Awakening
  6. ____________improved land travel.
  7. The common ways to transport manufactured goods to markets in the western frontier was by _______, _______, and by ____________.
    • road
    • boat
    • railroad
  8. The effects of new machines have on Americans were that "Goods were __________.
    produced faster and cheaper
  9. These things lead to the increase of crop production:
    a) mechanical ___________.
    b) cotton _______.
    c) more slaves.
    • mechanical reaper
    • cotton gin
    • more slaves
  10. The effect of the Industrial Revolution on the supply of goods was
    more goods were made.
  11. Before the Industrial Revolution, tools, cloth, and most other goods were made by
  12. The effect of the Indian Removal Act was many Indians in the South were
    forced off their land.
  13. What happened as settlers began to claim Indian lands in the Southeast?
    The Indian Removal Act was passed.
  14. Jackson's political party encouraged the
    common people to vote
  15. Andrew Jackson was different from the previous six presidents in that he was the son of
    Poor pioneers who had moved west.
  16. The purpose of the Monroe Doctrine was to protect American lands from
    future European colonization.
  17. How did President Monroe react to European interest in the Americans?
    He issued the Monroe Doctrine.
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