geography 2

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  1. ratio between the number of agriculturalists per unit of arable land in a given unit of area
    agricultrual density
  2. info about births, deaths, marriages
    vital records
  3. ratio of number of live births in a year
    crude birthrate
  4. replacement of high birth and death rates by low birth and death rates is
    demographic transition
  5. study of the characteristics of human population
  6. measure of economic impact of the young and old on the more economically productive members of the population
    dependency ratio
  7. crude density is...
    number of people divided by amount of land
  8. population movement caused by degradation of land and essential natural resources
  9. Emigration
    move from
  10. practice of assessing the location and composition of particular populations
    geodemographic analysis
  11. subarea of geography focuses on spatial aspects of health and illness
    medical geography
  12. move from one country to another
    international migration
  13. ratio between the total population and the amount of land under cultivation
    nutritional density
  14. population policies
    • china- one child per
    • india-free contraceptives and family-planning counseling¬†

    more educated woman, less kids
  15. Malthus
    population grows faster than food!!
  16. non-malthus
    technology will find solutions
  17. migration within US
    • fist wave- from rural to urban
    • second wave- Blacks from south to north
    • thrid- northeast and midwest to south
  18. people uprooted within boundaries of own country because of conflict or human rights
    internationally displaced persons (IDPs)
  19. Triangle
    population growing rapidly
  20. rectangle
    stable, not growing
  21. tornadoes
    old people
  22. demographic transition
    • 1) preindustrial- high birth and death
    • 2) low death, high birth
    • 3) more urban, low birth rate
    • 4) low birth and death rates
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