Pharmacology Vocab Part 1

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  1. additive
    a substance added to another substance to improve its action
  2. amphetamine
    CNS stimulant (often used to treat depression)
  3. analgesics
    given for relief of pain
  4. anaphylaxis
    • hypersensitive reaction of the body to a drug or foreign organism
    • exaggerated or unusual hypersensitivity to an allergen.
  5. anticoagulant
    a drug which prevents the formation of clots in blood vessels
  6. antidote
    an agent given to counteract an unwanted effect of a drug
  7. antiemetic
    an agent which reduces nausea and/or prevents vomiting
  8. barbituate
    a sedative and hypnotic drug
  9. brand name
    trade name
    commercial or owned name for a drug; the property of the drug manufacturer
  10. chemical name
    • chemical formula for a drug
    • ie - MgSO4
  11. contraindications
    factors in the pt's condition which prevent the use of a particular drug or tx b/c of the likelihood of unwanted results
  12. emetic
    an agent which promotes vomiting
  13. enteric coated
    special coated tablet that allows the drug to dissolve in the intestine rather than in the stomach
  14. generic name
    drug name
    the legal, non commercial name for a drug
  15. laxative
    weak cathartic
    a food or chemical substance which acts to loosen the bowels
  16. narcotic
    habit forming drug which relieves pain and produces stupor or insensibility
  17. placebo
    inactive substance (eg. water or sugar)
  18. purgative
    strong cathartic
    an agent that will cause watery evacuation of the intestinal contents such as castor oil or Mg sulfate
  19. sedative
    a mild hypnotic drug; relaxing without necessarily producing sleep. habit forming
  20. side effect
    any unwanted effect which routinely results from the use of a drug
  21. stimulant
    an agent which excites and promotes functional activity
  22. suppository
    cone-shaped objects containing medication which are inserted into the rectum, vagina, or urethra
  23. tolerance
    condition of becoming resistant to the action of a drug as treatment progresses so that larger and larger doses must be given to achieve the desired effect
  24. pharmacology
    the study of drugs and their sources, their nature and their properties
  25. pharmacy
    the science or practice of the preparation and dispensing of medicinal drugs
  26. chemotherapy
    drug tx
  27. toxic
  28. cytotoxicity
    pert. to poisonous to cells
  29. toxicology
    study of poison
  30. sublingual
    under the tongue
  31. intradermal
    within the layers of the skin
  32. intravenous
    within a vein
  33. intrathecal
    within the spinal sheath (lumbar puncture)
  34. aerosol
    solution in the air
  35. synergism
    process of working together
  36. idiopathic
    disease having no known cause
  37. iatrogenic
    produced by tx
  38. idiosyncrasy
    tempermental reaction to a medication
  39. narcolepsy
    sleep seizure
  40. hypnogenic
    producing sleep
  41. antipyretic
    medication that reduces fever
  42. anesthesia
    loss of sensation
  43. vasoconstrictor
    narrowing of blood vessel
  44. bacteriocidal
    pert. to killing bacteria
  45. bacteriostatic
    an agent that controls or stops bacteria
  46. prophylaxis
    prevention of or protective treatment for disease
  47. drug
    chemical or natural substance used in medicine for the tx of disease
  48. antiseptic
    chemical agents which kill or prevent the growth of micro-organisms
  49. antibiotic
    drugs used to kill or limit the growth of micro-organisms and bacteria
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