Word List 6

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  1. Arbitrary
    random; for no definite reason
  2. Clairvoyant
    psychic; mystic
  3. Infallible
    perfect; flawless; cannot make mistakes
  4. Meander
    wander from side to side
  5. Pathos
    evoking sadness or pity
  6. Prosody
    study of versification
  7. Solicit
    to ask for; seek
  8. Variegated
    multicolored; speckled
  9. Arcane
    obscure; known only to a few people
  10. Clamor
    shout; scream
  11. Discursiveness
    long windedness; indirectness
  12. Mellow
    soft; melodious; ripe
  13. Patron
    one who give support (usually financial)
  14. Prostration
    1. lying face down; 2. be overcome with extreme weakness
  15. Somnambulist
  16. Vehemence
    violence; fervor; forcefulness
  17. Archaic
    ancient; outdated; old fashioned
  18. Clandestine
    secret; covert; stealthy
  19. Flippant
    making jokes about serious matters
  20. Menagerie
    collection of animals
  21. Patronize
    condescend to; behave in an arrogant manner towards
  22. Soothsayer
  23. Vehement
  24. Archetype
    classic example of
  25. Clemency
  26. Flout
    defy; reject
  27. Mendacious
    given to lying
  28. Paucity
  29. Protean
  30. Sophomoric
    juvenile; immature
  31. Venal
    corrupt; can be bribed
  32. Disparage
    criticize; belittle
  33. Flustered
    worked-up; not calm
  34. Ingrate
    ungrateful person
  35. Mercenary
    concerned only with money
  36. Peccadillo
    minor weakness; trivial offence
  37. Protégé
    person under protection of, or guided by another
  38. Soporific
    inducing sleep
  39. Veneer
    surface coating
  40. Disparity
    an inequality
  41. Inimical
  42. Mercurial
    volatile; changeable
  43. Pedant
    person who insists on strict adherence to rules or narrow learning
  44. Sparse
    spare; bare; meager
  45. Venerate
    revere; worship
  46. Artifice
    deception; trickery
  47. Coalesce
    come together; merge
  48. Dispassionate
    neutral; objective
  49. Forensic)
    concerned with argument or debate (esp. for legal evidence
  50. Innate
    inherited; inborn
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