Micro Bio Test 5 WMU

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  1. The skin is the ______ organ of the body
  2. the skin it the largest _____ against infection
  3. healthy skin is rarely infected...
    from the outside
  4. Direct infections of the skin are ______ infections
  5. Secondary skin infections
    infection fallowing the primary skin infection
  6. epidermis
    • Stratified squamous epithelium
    • outermost layer: living cells push out and die (keratinized)
    • acidic pH of 4-6
  7. how often to we get a new layer of skin tissue
    every month
  8. dermis
    functional layer, containing capillaries
  9. skin is antimicrobial why?
    because we sweat which is salty and many microbes don't like salt
  10. subcutaneous tissue
    • Inner most layer of the skin 
    • nerves,hair follicles, sweat glands, fat tissue
  11. How does the skin control body temp?
  12. the skin can… Physiology
    • control body fluid balance
    • synthesis vitamin D (exposure to sunlight)
    • sense's environment 
    • part of immune system that produce cytokines, lymphocytes, and macrophages (sub layer)
  13. The skin flora is present where?
    epidermis (2-3 outer most layers) and hair shafts
  14. normal flora _____ on skin. depending on what?
    • Vary's
    • 100/CM2 in cool dry areas to 
    • 1,000,000/CM2 in warm moist areas
  15. Bacteria cannot penetrate skin unless….
    the skin is damaged
  16. 3 most common groups of normal skin flora
    • 1. diptheroids: G(+) rods 
    • 2. staphylococci: coagulase negative 
    • 3. Fungi: yeast on epi
  17. Healthy epithelium is almost…..
    • impervious to bacteria 
    • -not allowing through
  18. Skin is….
    *3 factors
    salty, dry, acidic
  19. risk factors for infection on the skin
    moisture, diabetes, cracks…
  20. bacterial skin infections are usually caused but ________ or __________
    • Staphylococcus aureus
    • streptococcus pyogenes
  21. bacterial skin infections are classified
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