MTA 98-365 chapter 2 Terms

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    administrative tools
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    Computer Management console
  3. The main graphically utility to configure Windows environments and hardware devices is the ____________.
    Control Panel
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    device drivers
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    device manager
  6. a ______ is a logical unit of computers that define a security boundary, and it is usually associated with Microsoft's Active Directory.
  7. With _____________, you can activate Windows, set the time zone, configure networks, provide computer name and domain, update windows, add roles, and features, enable remote desktop, and configure the Windows firewall.
    Initial Configuration Tasks
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    Microsoft Management console (MMC)
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    Plug and Play (PnP)
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  11. ____________is designed for support personnel to connect to an active login session to assist or troubleshoot a problem.
    Remote Assistance
  12. _____________ allows a user running the Remote Desktop program to access a server remotely.
    Remote Desktop
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    Remote Server Administration Tools
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    Server Management console
  15. The dimming of the desktop is referred to as the __________ because other program's can't run while it's dimmed.
    secure desktop
  16. _________ are proving others with something.
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    signed drivers
  18. A ___________ is usually associated with a peer-to-peer network in which user accounts are decentralized and stored on each individual computer.
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MTA 98-365 chapter 2 Terms
MTA 98-365 chapter 2 Terms
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