Blood and Blood vessels

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  1. The function of blood is?
    • distribute nutrients, oxygen, and hormones.¬†
    • Carries metabolic waste to the kidneys for excretion
    • transports specialized cells that defend peripheral ¬†tissues from infection and disease
  2. True of false, blood consists of half plasma and half formed elements?
  3. True or false, plamsa is 100% water
    False, its only about 92% water.
  4. True or False, red blood cells account for less than half of the total blood in your body.
  5. True or false, there is 1000 red blood cells for every 1 white blood cell
  6. True or false, hemoglobin is not able to bond with O2
    False, the iron can bond to oxygen.
  7. Are red blood cells made by a process called apoptosis?
    No, its hematopoiesis
  8. Where does blood form in for adults?
    Blood marrow
  9. Where does blood formation happen in infants?
    spleen, liver, yolk sac, and thymus
  10. What does hemocytoblast mean?
    to make blood cells
  11. Leukocytes are also called red blood cells? true or false
    False, it's white blood cells
  12. True or false, white blood cells are not white
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