Vocab Units 10-15

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  1. avuncular
    Of or relating to an uncle; suggestive of kindliness and geniality
  2. bemuse
    To confuse or bewilder; to occupy or absorb one’s mind or attention
  3. confound
    To baffle or frustrate; to put to shame, discomfit; to refute; to make someone confused or perplexed, increase the confusion of; to mix up
  4. forage
    To collect or secure (provisions) by searching; to strip of (provisions); to wander in search of (provisions); to raid, ravage; to make a search, rummage
  5. guffaw
    To laugh in a loud or boisterous way
  6. guttural
    Made in or coming from the throat; low, strange, and unpleasant
  7. hoary
    Gray or white with or as if with age; extremely old, ancient
  8. interdict
    To ban or prohibit by law; to forbid formally; to cut off, destroy, or damage by firepower so as to halt an enemy’s advance; to halt the advance or activities of
  9. jocund
    full of mirth and high spirits, merry
  10. mulct
    To punish by a fine; to swindle or defraud or money; to obtain by force, fraud, or theft
  11. pathological
    Relating to the study of disease; deviating from the normal in some structural or functional way as the result or as if as the result of disease; generally changed or caused by disease
  12. pontificate
    To act or officiate as chief priest; to speak in a pompous or dogmatic way
  13. preternatural
    Existing outside of nature; going beyond what is normal or usual, extraordinary; not explainable by ordinary means, psychic
  14. roisterous
    engaged in or characteristic of rough and noisy revelry
  15. sentient
    Conscious of or responsive to sense impressions, aware; extremely perceptive of feeling or emotion, especially in others
  16. sundry
    miscellaneous, various
  17. transfix
    To pierce through with a pointed object, impale; to hold motionless as if by piercing through
  18. welter
    To twist or roll one’s body, writhe; to roll and fall about in or as if in waves, toss, wallow; to become deeply sunk, soaked, or involved in; to be in turmoil
  19. wreak
    To inflict (as punishment or vengeance); to give free rein or play to; to bring about, cause
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