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  1. myth
    a solidly conceived, but entirely imaginative world
  2. narrative
    a form of verse or prose that tells a story
  3. nonsequitur
    a statement that fails to follow logic
  4. ode
    a lyric verse marked by respectful and exalted feelings
  5. old english
    the Anglo-Saxon language spoken in England from 450 to 1150 A.D.
  6. omniscient narrator
    a narrator with unlimited awareness
  7. onomatopoeia
    the use of words whose sounds suggest their meaning
  8. ontological criticism
    the method of the new critics
  9. oxymoron
    a term made up of contradictory elements
  10. parable
    a short allegory that deals with events that can occur in the real world
  11. paradox
    a statement that seems self-contradictory, but is true
  12. parody
    a satirical imitation of a work
  13. pastoral
    a work of literature dealing with rural life
  14. pathos
    that element of literature that stimulates pity or sorrow
  15. periodic sentence
    a sentence that departs from the usual work order of English sentences by expressing the main thought at the end
  16. persona
    the role that a character assumes
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