History Ch 13 Part 3 (Notes and other stuff)

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  1. Who won by popular vote in the election of 1824?
    Andrew Jackson
  2. Who had the HOR chose John Quincy Adams?
    Henry Clay
  3. Adams chose whom for Secretary of State?
  4. Who won the election of 1828?
    Andrew Jackson
  5. Who was the first president to NOT be from one of the original 13 states?
    Andrew Jackson
  6. Who liked the tariff of 1828?
    The North/New England
  7. Who disliked the tariff of 1828?
    South Carolina
  8. What was a protective tariff?
    the tariff of 1828
  9. Who wrote the South Carolina Exposition encouraging S.C. to nullify the Tariff of 1828?
    John Calhoun
  10. Andrew Jackson's VP was?
    John Calhoun
  11. Who said, "John Marshall made his decision now let him enforce it?"
    Andrew Jackson
  12. Who likes the Bank?
    North and North East
  13. Who didn't like the bank?
    South and West
  14. Why was the 1824 election unique? (3 reasons)
    there were 4 candidates, they all were Republicans, and they were "favorite sons" for their section of the country.
  15. What was the corrupt bargain?
    Clay supported Adams as president and Clay got to be Secretary of State
  16. John Quincy Adams pushed nationalist programs to build
    roads and canals, a university, and an observatory
  17. Adams tried to slow down what?
    western land speculation
  18. "Old Hickory" is
  19. System which rewarded political party workers with government jobs
    Spoils System
  20. Tariff of Abominations did what?
    taxed imports
  21. Why did New England like the tariff?
    it protected manufacturers
  22. What did the South Carolina Exposition say?
    that the states, such as South Carolina, could nullify the tariff
  23. It removed the worst parts of the Tariff of 1828.
    Tariff of 1832.
  24. What state officially voted to nullify the federal tariff?
    South Carolina
  25. What was Henry Clay's compromise?
    that the tariff rate would be reduced by about 10% over 8 years.
  26. Bill that authorized the president to use force if necessary to collect the tariff.
    Force Bill
  27. Party that disliked Jackson and liked Henry Clay.
    Whig Party
  28. Name two causes of Panic of 1837
    • 1) over speculation in lands
    • 2) Andrew Jackson's bank policies
  29. Bill that said that the government should "divorce" itself from banking altogether.
    Divorce Bill
  30. Change in which the "common man" voted for a common sense political who was more like the "average Joe" than the college grad.
    New Democracy
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