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  1. What is absolute threshold?
    minimum amount of stimulus needed for detection 50% of the time.
  2. What is difference threshold?
    minimum change in stimulus needed to discriminate it from another value 50% of the time.
  3. What is the method of limits?
    measuring tone at which people can detect sound (lowest sound threshold)
  4. What are the errors associated with the method of limits?
    • errors of habituation (automatically responding yes or no whether true or not)
    • errors of anticipation (anticipating change in threshold)
  5. What is the method of constant stimuli?
    presenting stimulus in random order to prevent orders.
  6. What is the method of adjustment?
    adjusting value of stimulus until it can't be seen or just begins being viewed.
  7. What is the response criterion?
    willingness or amount of evidence needed to say yes (associated with the signal detection theory)
  8. What is the receiver operating characteristic curve?
    produced from plotting false alarms on the x-axis of a graph against hits on the y-axis for different criterion values.
  9. What are the methods of producing predictive stimulus responses?
    money initiative or hit/miss weight initiative.
  10. What is noise on the ROC curve?
    environmental/background noise.
  11. What is signal on the ROC curve?
    purposeful stimulus presented to subject.
  12. What does weber's law state?
    the difference threshold is constant (smaller stimulus fraction, keener the pitch)
  13. What does Fechners law state?
    absolute threshold is used as the zero point for the scale.
  14. What is magnitude estimation?
    making a rough numerical estimation of weight levels.
  15. What is cross-modality matching?
    second stimulus is presented to match with primary stimulus.
  16. What does steven's power law state?
    magnitude of subjective sensation is proportional to the stimulus magnitude raised to an exponent.
  17. What is multidimensional scaling?
    • provide representation of which stimulations are involved (discrimination between regular and diet sodas)
    • no underlying stimulus sensation to differentiation between dimensions
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