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  1. Motivation
    • A need or desire that energies and directs behavior
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    • Can be driven by a physical need such as HUNGER
  2. Homeostasis
    A balanced or constant internal state.
  3. Set Point
    • Body's set "weight thermostat"
    • Body will adjust metabolic rate to maintain set point
  4. Metabolic rate
    Rate of energy expenditure
  5. Glucose
    • The form of sugar that circulates in the blood
    • provides the major source of energy for body tissues
    • when it's level is low, we feel hunger
  6. Insulin
    • ( from pancreas)
    • Hormone that helps MOVE glucose from blood into cells
  7. Hypothalamus
    Controls eating and other body maintenance functions.
  8. Achievement Motivation
    • Some motivation behaviors increase AROUSAL
    • ex: mastery of ideas or knowledge
    • attaining a high standard (competition)
  9. Intrinsic Motivaion
    • Desire to perform a behavior for its own sake and to be effective
    • ex satisfaction, good feelings
  10. Extrinsic Motivation
    Desire to perform a behaviors due to promised REWARDS or threats of PUNISHMENT
  11. Social Facilitation
    Improved performance on simple or well-learned tasked in the presence of others.
  12. The Need to belong
    • Major influence in motivating human behavior
    • social bonds enhanced survival
    • We are social beings; without social ties negative emotions overwhelm us
  13. Social Networking
    • Mostly good in helping us connect w/ people
    • Bad side people who tend to be narcissistic are especially active on social networks.
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