Pediatric Surgery Terms

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  1. Acquired abnormality
    A physiological or anatomical defect that develops in fetal life as a result of environmental factors.
  2. Atresia
    The absence or blockage of natural orifice or tubular structure.
  3. Bolus
    A compact substance (e.g. undigested food, fecal material) that occurs normally in the digestive tract.
  4. Child life specialist
    A trained professional who specializes in the psychosocial care of and communication with pediatric patients and their families.
  5. Choanal
    A term that descries the communicating passageways between the nasal fossae and the pharynx.
  6. Coarctation
    Narrowing of the passageway of a blood vessel, such as coarctation of the aorta, a congenital condition,
  7. Congenital
    A condition or an anomaly that develops during fetal life.
  8. Ductus arteriosus
    A normal fetal structure that allows blood to bypass circulation to the lungs. If this structure remains open after birth, it is called a patent ductus arteriosus.
  9. Embryonic life
    The first 8 weeks of gestational development.
  10. Exstrophy
    The eversion, or turning out, of an organ.
  11. Fetus
    Gestational life after 8 weeks.
  12. Genetic abnormality
    A birth anomaly that is inherited.
  13. Homeostasis
    The balance of physiological processes that maintain life.
  14. Isolette
    An infant-size "bed" and transport unit that is environmentally controlled and equipped with monitoring devices.
  15. Magical thinking
    A psychological process in which a person attributes intention and will to inanimate objects. Magical thinking may also describe a patient's belief that an event will happen because he or she wills it to or wishes it. This is a normal development stage of toddlers.
  16. Mutagenic substance
    A chemical or other agent that causes permanent change in the cell's genetic material.
  17. Nephroblastoma
    Pediatric cancer of the kidney also known as Wilms tumor.
  18. Neural tube defect
    A congenital abnormality resulting from failure of the neural tube to close in embryonic development.
  19. Omphalocele
    A protrusion of abdominal contents through a congenital defect at the umbilicus.
  20. Pyloric stenosis
    A narrowing of the part of the stomach pylorus that leads to the small intestine.
  21. Teratogen
    A chemical or agent that can injure the fetus or cause birth defects.
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