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  1. Facial Feedback Effect
    Then tendency of facial muscle to trigger corresponding feeling, such as fear, anger, or happiness
  2. Emotion
    • Psychological response
    • Involves
    • -Psychical Arousal
    • -Expression
    • -Conscious Experience
  3. 10 Basic Emotions (first five)
    Joy :D, Interest B), Excitement >o<, Surprise O.O, Contempt :|
  4. 10 Basic Emotions (last five)
    • Sadness :"(
    • Anger >:(
    • Fear D:
    • Shame -.-
    • Guild :s
  5. Emotions and the Brain
    Specific emotions are associated w/different patterns of brain activity
  6. Limbic system (AMYGDALA)
    Increased activity associated with fear and anxiety (gate way connect to frontal lobes)
  7. :(Right frontal lobe
    Negative emotions :(
  8. :)Left frontal lobe
    Positive emotions
  9. Do the polygraph test detect lies?
  10. What does the polygraph test detect?
    • The polygraph measures physiological changes
    • such as blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, perspirations
  11. Why doesnt the polygraph detect lies?
    • Because we cannot distinguish between emotions or truth ┬ávs. based on physiology
    • Anxiety irritation and guild All produce arousal.
    • The test not accurate 30% of the time
  12. Expressing Emotions
    • Nonverbal communication : body language, tone of voice, facial expression
    • Cultural differences : meaning of the hand gestures varies by culture, facial expressions are the same everywhere
  13. Effects of Facial Expression
    Expressions influence our feeling/emotions.
  14. Facial feedback effect (notes)
    • Facial muscles send signals to limbic system and autonomic nervous system
    • Imitating others facial expressions increases EMPATHY
  15. Guilty Knowledge test
    • Assesses a suspect's physiological responses to crime scene details know only to the police and the guilty person
    • EX if a camera and computer had been stolen react strongly to the brand names of the stolen items.
    • Given enough such specific probes, an innocent person will seldom be wrongly accused
  16. Sympathetic division
    • Arousing
    • Mobilizes your body for action
    • It triggers your adrenal glands to release the stress hormones epinephrine(adrenaline) and nor-epinephrine (no-adrenaline)
    • To provide energy, your liver pours extra sugar into your bloodstream.
  17. Parasympathetic
    • Calming
    • gradually calms your body as stress hormones slowly leave your blood stream
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