Ecology 4.3 and 4.4

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  1. What are chemicals that provide nutrients to help crops grow better?  This chemical can speed up the growth of algae in a pond.
  2. What is the water and human waste that gets washed down sinks, toilets and showers called?
  3. What is any change to water that can harm people or other living things called?
    water pollution
  4. What is a period when less rain than normal falls in an area?
  5. Water shortages in an area occur when people use water in an area faster than the ___________ can replace it.
    water cycle
  6. A________________ is an area in which water, sediments and dissolved materials drain into a common outlet, such as a river, bay, lake or ocean.
  7. Water stored in layers of soil and rock beneath Earth's surface is called______________.
    ground water
  8. Salt water cannot be used to do certain things like _________________.
    for drinking or watering crops
  9. What three large rivers drain into the Long Island Sound?
    • Connecticut
    • Housatonic
    • Thames
  10. Water is scarce on Earth because 97% of it is_________.
  11. Why is there such a problem on Earth with usable water?
    97% of the water is salty

    Only 3% of the water on Earth is fresh

    3/4 of the fresh water is frozen or in the form of ice

    Some water is not available because it is far from the area in need

    A lot of water is polluted
  12. How do bodies of water get polluted from water from storms?
    Water falling to Earth from the water cycle picks up pollutants from the ground.

    Water then carries the pollutants  in the running water to a another body of water.

    The precipitation and pollutants collect in the body of water.

    The body of water then gets polluted.

    The entire aquatic ecosystem may then be harmed.  (producers and consumers)
  13. What is the major role of technology in controlling air pollution?
    to reduce emissions
  14. What is the most dramatic (worst) forms of water pollution?
    an oil spill
  15. What are chemicals called that kill crop destroying organisms, such as beetles, ants  or worms?
  16. Particles of rock and sand are called____________________.
  17. How can people reduce water pollution?
    Treat wastes so they are less harmful

    Find substitutes for pollutants

    Place trash and recycling in proper bins

    Don't litter
  18. How do humans contribute to the water pollution problems on Earth?
    Improper sewage management

    Pouring contaminants down the drain

    Careless use of pesticides and fertilizers

    Improper use of hazardous wastes

    Litter on ground that gets wet and then creates leachate, or polluted liquid
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