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  1. List the search priority of floors in the multistory structure?
    • -Fire floor
    • -Floor above fire floor
    • -Top floor
    • -Floors below top floor working down to fire floor
    • -Floors below fire floor
  2. Until firefighters perform a primary search, all fire occupancies will be considered?
  3. What is the minimum equipment to be taken in during residential occupancy search?
    • -Irons
    • -6 ft pike pole
    • -water extinguisher
  4. In regards to a commercial structure with large amounts of open floor space, under heavy smoke and/or fire conditions, searching FF will not enter further than?
    25 ft
  5. What is the flammable range of Natural Gas?
  6. What is the ignition temp of Natural Gas?
    1000 degrees F
  7. What sulfer based odorant is added to the Natural Gas for safety?
  8. What is the IDLH levels of O2?
    Less than 19.5%, more than 23.5%
  9. Elevator emergencies exist under what three conditions?
    Fire, illness/injury, panic
  10. Elevators are recalled by using what feature?
    Phase I
  11. What are 4 methods of elevator forcible entry?
    • -Wedging
    • -Airbags
    • -Rabbit tool
    • -Hydraulic spreader
  12. In trench rescue, 1st in company should stage no closer than?
    150 ft
  13. Always approach the trench from what edge?
    Short edge
  14. What are the 3 trench rescue zones?
    • -Hot zone        0-50 ft
    • -Warm zone   50-100 ft
    • -Cold zone    100-150 ft
  15. How far should sources of vibration be eliminated w/in trench rescue?
    300 ft
  16. In trench rescue, how far should the spoil pile be from the lip of the trench?
    2 ft
  17. Transmission mains are generally constructed of ___ are what size ____ and deliver gas pressures up to ____?
    • Steel
    • 12-36"
    • 100 psi
  18. Distribution mains are constructed of ____ and deliver gas at pressures up to ____?
    • -Polyethylene, steel or copper
    • -60 psi
  19. What are the 3 types of natural gas emergencies?
    • -Inside leak
    • -Outside leak
    • -Leak with fire
  20. What speed can water reach in flood channel and rivers?
    • -35 mph for flood channels
    • -11 mph for rivers
  21. On average, how many firefighters drown annually attempting swift water rescue?
  22. During flood conditions, anyone within what distance of an arroyo must wear a PDF?
    5 feet
  23. What are 3 items that will not be worn during flood channel operations?
    • -Bunker gear
    • -Fire service helmets
    • -Slick soled footwear
  24. Multiple capacitors in vehicles can store energy for up to what length of time?
    12 minutes
  25. What 3 criteria must be met to be defined as "confined space"?
    • -Large enough and so configured that a person can bodily enter
    • -Has a limited means for entry or exit
    • -Is not designed for continuous occupancy
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