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  1. Vendor
    What did you want?
    What do you  desire
    What can I put for you
    • Que Queria?
    • Que Desea?
    • Que le pongo?
  2. Excuse me, how much are the bananas?
    Perdone, Cuanto cuestan los platanos?
  3. Can you put for me 2 kilos of Grapes?
    Me puede poner dos kilos de uvas?
  4. Are the Strawberries organic?
    Son biologicas las fresas?
  5. I want a kilo of ripe tomatoes
    Queria un kilo de tomates maduros
  6. I want a half kilo of bananas green or not very ripe
    Queria medio kilo de platanos verde or no muy maduros
  7. No, Thank you, I do not need anything more
    No, Gracias, no necessito nada mas
  8. No, That's it!
    No, ya esta
  9. How much do I owe you
    Cuanto le debo?
  10. I want a kilo and a half of strawberries
    Queria un kilo media de las Fresas
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