Carniceria / Charcuteria

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Carniceria / Charcuteria
2014-03-30 04:37:32
Spanish Carniceria

Spanish Carniceria
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  1. How do you want the Chicken? Quarters or whole? (vendor)
    Como quire el pollo? A Cuartos o entero?
  2. (Vendor)
    What did you want?
    What do you  desire
    What can I put for you
    • Que queria?
    • Que desea?
    • Que le pongo?
  3. Do you want the pork in fillets? Do I split it in thin or thick fillets? (vendor)
    Quiere el lomo en filetes? Le parto en filetes finos o gordos?
  4. Do you want the ham in thin or thick slices?
    Quiere el jamon en lonchas finas o gordas?
  5. I want the chicken in quarters
    Quiero el pollo en cuartos
  6. I want the pork in thick fillets
    Quiero el lomo en filetes gordos
  7. I want the ham in thin slices
    Quiero el jamon en lonchas finas
  8. I want a quarter (kilo) of Iberico Ham
    Queria un cuarto de jamon Iberico
  9. I want a big piece of cheese
    I want a medium cheese of Manchego
    • Queria un trozo grande de queso
    • Queria un medio queso de Manchego
  10. I want thin slices of cheese
    Queria lonchas finas de queso
  11. Can you put for me 3 fillets of veal
    Me pone tres filetes de ternera?
  12. I want 4 pork chops
    Queria cuatro chuletas de cerdo / lomo
  13. I want 6 sausages
    Queria seis salchichas
  14. I want 2 breasts of chicken in fillets
    Queria dos pechugas de pollo en filetes
  15. I want a dozen eggs
    -half dozen
    • Queria una docena de huevos
    • -medio docena
  16. I want 10 euros of ham Serrano plus or minus
    Quiero diez euros de hamon Serrano, mas o menos
  17. How much is it?
    Cuanto cuesta

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