Biology 12 ISU #2

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  1. What is biomagnification?
    increase in concentration of a substance, tat occurs in a food chain and is not broken down by environmental processes
  2. What are mudslides, what problems do they pose?
    Mudslides carry vegetation and soil into waterways. Due to poverty this land must be cleared, decreases CO2 absorption
  3. What does sustainable mean?
    The use of resources such as food, energy, timber and other items at a level that does not exhaust the supply or cause ecological damage.
  4. What are problems with industrialized fishing technologies?
    much of fish population has been consumed, dredging sea floor kills plants and animals, unwanted species are also killed in nets (bycatch)
  5. What are garbage patches?
    When trash is thrown in ocean it accumulates in areas where currents move in circular patterns.
  6. What are nurdles? What problems do they pose?
    pre-production plastics, small lightweight. Ingestion results in increased estrogen levels causing womanly males and reproduction problems. Attract and concentrate toxins such as mercury
  7. What are sources of ocean pollution?
    cargo, passenger ships, oil platforms, runoff
  8. What are solutions to our environmental problems?
    awareness, behavior, technology
  9. What is biodiversity?
    encompasses species diversity, genetic diversity within each species, diversity of the ecosystems they are a part of
  10. Why is biodiversity important?
    Stabilizes ecosystems, provides happiness
  11. Why is monoculture at risk to change?
    Lacks the variety of species that could potentially withstand the change
  12. What are some threats to biodiversity?
    Destruction (deforestation) , fragmentation (roads, damns) and degradation (pollution)
  13. What is overexploitation?
    Excessive harvesting or killing of a species until it no longer or is reduced to a small population size (minimum viable population size)
  14. What is the minimum viable population size?
    lowest # of individuals that can sustain a population in the wild for a long period of time. If pop goes below, can no longer adapt to changing environments.
  15. What is an invasive species?
    Migrate and outcompete native species for resources (have few predators), decrease biodiversity, carried by human activity
  16. How do pollutants and disease affect organisms?
    Pollutants accumulate in organisms tissues and threaten biodiversity by reducing number of individuals in a population. Disease kills species
  17. How can we preserve biodiversity?
    • Developed countries - recognize problems, curb use of resources, practice better waste management¬†
    • Developing countries - grow economies, protect environment
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