Hip Notes For Final 204

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  1. what plane and WNL degree is the angle of inclination
    • frontal
    • 125
  2. Whats WNL for angle of torsion
  3. PT shows trendelenburg and upon bilateral WB it doesn't go away. Whats a likely reason for this
  4. What hip and lumbar positions are seen with APT
    • hip flexion
    • spine extension (lordosis)
  5. If R hip is lowered is R leg in abd or add
  6. with a pelvic drop to the left what side of the lumbar spine would you see a concavity
  7. common muscle causing superior pelvic tilt on same side? on opposite side?
    • same side QL
    • opposite side reverse action of glute med
  8. weak abd can cause what at the knee?
  9. with weak abductors and hip extensors what pronation controlling motion is over worked? Which muscle condition can develop?
    ERs over work and piriformis syndrome can occur
  10. what structural condition at the hip leads to a longer leg?
    coxa valga
  11. to initiate gait pt lurches fwd from static standing what muscle weakness has caused a fwd trunk lean to initiate movement
    hip flexors are weak so in order to initiate forward progress pt leans COG over BOS
  12. a shorter stride, increased lumbar lordosis, or forward trunk lean is an indication of what limitation at the hip
    lack of hip flexion ROM (tight hip extensors or capsular restriction)
  13. patient performs posterior trunk shift upon foot contact what weakness or lack of ROM is causing this at the hip
    weak or tight hip extensors
  14. Most widely performed intervention for severe hip OA
  15. younger or older adults receive cementless THA and why
    • younger more active
    • cemented can loosen with high activity
  16. how soon s/p can a THA wb as tol
    nearly immediately
  17. minimal amount of hip extension needed for gait
  18. whats WNL position for craig's test
    slight IR
  19. patrick/fabre indicates what
    • hip patho on leg put into flexion/ER
    • SI problem with overpressure on contra hip
  20. ober test is for
    ITB tightness
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