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  1. Placate:

    make (someone) less angry or hostile. 

    "I was so angry that it was nearly impossible to placate."
  2. Impartial:

    Being fair and just. Unbiased, and unprejudiced. 

    "It is only fair to treat all participants impartial."
  3. Inconsolable:

    unable to comfort or alleviate (of a person, or their grief).  Syn. heartbroken, grief-stricken, devastated. 

    "After the death of Murray's wife, he was inconsolable."
  4. Impotent:

    Unable to take effective action; helpless or powerless.   Syn. Powerless, weak, useless, worthless, futile. 

    "Her advice was impotent because I am still failing her A&P class."
  5. Caste:

    class, social class, social order, rank, level

    "Those who live in poverty, live of the lower castes."
  6. Aristocracy:


    • The highest class in certain societies.
    • Syn. nobility, upper class, gentry

    "The ancient Polish aristocracy had hereditary right to elect the king."
  7. Flippant:

    Not showing a serious or respectful attitude. 

    Syn. frivolous, facetious

    "The speaker's flippant remarks made light of a serious topic."
  8. Cryptic

    • Mysterious or obscure. 
    • Syn. confusing, puzzling, enigmatic

    "He found his boss's utterances too cryptic."
  9. Convalescence:

    • Time spent recovering from an illness or medical treatment; recuperation.
    • Syn. recovery, return to health, rehabilitation.
    • "After surgery it is important to have a period of convalescence in order to recover.
  10. Gamut:

    • The complete range or scope of something. 
    • Syn. Range, spectrum, span, scope, scale

    "The receptionist's face registered the full gamut of emotions.
  11. Enticement:

    • Something used to attract or temp someone; a lure.
    • Syn. lure, allure, attraction, appeal
  12. Infractions:

    • A violation or infringement of a law, agreement, or set of rules.
    • Syn. violation, contravention, breach, offense
  13. Vicissitudes:

    • A change of circumstance or fortune, usually one that is unwelcome or unpleasant. 
    • Syn. change, alteration, shift, reversal, twist
  14. Accolade:

    • An award or privilege granted as a special honor or acknowledgement of merit. 
    • Syn. honor, privilege, award, gift

    "The ultimate official accolade of a visit by the president."
  15. Caterwaul

    • (animal) to make a howling or wailing noise. 
    • Syn. howl, wail, bawl, cry, yell, scream

    "The caterwauling of the bobcats continued all night."
  16. Indomitable:

    • Impossible to subdue or defeat.
    • Syn. unconquerable, invincible, unbeatable, invulnerable.

    "She showed an indomitable spirit in facing her illness."
  17. Pensive:

    • Engaged in, involving, or reflecting deep or serious thought. 
    • Syn. thoughtful, reflective, meditative, introspective. 

    "As she considered the problems that faced her, she became pensive."
  18. Lurid:

    • Very vivid in color, esp. so as to create an unpleasantly harsh or unnatural effect.
    • Syn. bright, brilliant, vivid, glaring, shocking, florescent, flaming, dazzling, intense.

    "The newspaper reported the lurid happenings of the day."
  19. Veracity:

    • Conformity to facts; accuracy.
    • Syn. truthfulness, truth, accuracy, correctness.

    "Officials expressed doubts concerning the veracity of the story."
  20. Surly:

    Bad-tempered and unfriendly.

    "When denied his request, the worker became surly."
  21. Precise:

    • Marked by exactness and accuracy of expression or detail.
    • Syn. exact, accurate, correct, specific, detailed. 

    "I did well on the assignment because the professor gave precise directions."
  22. Concise:

    • giving a lot of info clearly and in a few words; brief but comprehensive. 
    • Syn. short and to the point, succinct, pithy, incisive, brief.

    "In order to get A's, it is important to be concise with your answers.
  23. Redundant:

    • No longer needed or useful; superfluous
    • Syn. Unnecessary, not required, unneeded.
  24. Scrupulous:

    • Diligent, thorough, and extremely attentive to details.
    • Syn. careful, meticulous, thorough.

    "Research must be carried out with scrupulous attention to detail."
  25. Mercenary:

    • (of a person or their behavior) Primarily concerned with making money at the expense of ethics. 
    • Syn. Greedy

    "She's nothing but a mercenary little gold digger."
  26. Disdainful
  27. Remission:

    • Long period during which the symptoms of a disease disappear. 
    • Syn.

  28. Limbo:

  29. Inertia:

  30. Incredulous:

  31. Ecstatic: 

  32. Hierarchy:

  33. Policy:

  34. Posture:

  35. Fallow:
  36. Passive:
  37. Lope:

  38. Falter:
  39. Saunter:

  40. Canter:

  41. Sedulous:

  42. Indolent:

  43. A person who eats are drinks sparingly is _____.
    Which means...?
    • Abstemious: not self-indulgent
    • Syn. temperate, moderate, self-disciplined.
  44. Stoical:

    Enduring pain and hardship without showing one's feelings or complaining. 

    long-suffering, uncomplaining, patient, forbearing, tolerant.
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