Ch. 11 Muscles a (lecture)

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  1. What are some features of a skeletal muscle?
    Voluntary, and attatches to one or more bone. has striations, Also called muscle fibers
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    What is this and what does it contain?
    Enomysium. Contains blood capillaries and nerve fibers for nurishment and stimulation, respectively
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    What is this and what does it contain?
    Perimysium, wraps muscle fibers into sheaths. Contains larger blood vessels and nerve fibers.
  4. Image Upload 3What is this?
    Epimysium. fibrous sheath that wraps the entire muscle
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    Fascia. connective tissue sheet that seperates muscle from other bodies
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    Myofibril, contains myofilaments
  7. What is sarcoplasm? What is the sarcolemma?
    Cytoplasm of the muscle fiber. plasma membrane of the muscle fiber
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    Myofilaments, thin, thick, and elastic.
  9. Image Upload 7what does it contain?
    Sarcoplasmic reticulum. contains calcium for muscle contraction.
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    Terminal cisternae, dilated end-sacs of SR
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    T-Tubule, infoldings of the sarccolemma. conduces nerve impulses into deep parts of cell
  12. What are the stem cells that create muscles?
    Myoblasts, they fuse to form muscle fibers. This is why muscle fibers have multiple nuclei
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    What is this and what are some features of it?
    Thick filament. Made of myosin molecules intertwined two at a time, with double globular head
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    What is this and what are the subunits?
    Thin filament (f actin). Beaded part are g actin, each with active sites for bonding to myosin. white part is tropomyosin that covers the active sites. The smallest part is the troponin molecule, which will bind to calcium and roll the tropomyosin away.
  15. What is an elastic filament and what is its function?
    Elastic filament. stabilzes thick filament. keeps it center to thin filament, and anchors it to the Z disc
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  17. Image Upload 13
    A band
  18. Image Upload 14
    H band
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    I band
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