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  1. Anthropomorphizing
    adding human characteristics to anything other then human.
  2. monochrome
    an entire shade of one color.
  3. Pug-na-cious
    a desire to fight or argue
  4. co-erced
    to persuade by force opposite of coax which is gentle persausion
  5. misanthrope
    disdain or distrust/ hatred for humans.
  6. cur-mudg-eon
    one who is easily anoyyed or ill tempered
  7. circumstantial
    Based on information that suggests it's true but does not prove it's true.
  8. tangential
    in terms of a sentence or communication it's something that goes off on a tangent, digress from current train of thought.
  9. estranged
    showing little sympathy or being indifferent
  10. Arbitrary
    based on random choice or personal whim
  11. par-ox-ysm
    a sudden attack of violent expression and emotional activity
  12. epistemic
    relating to it's knowledge or degree of validation
  13. autopoiesis
    refers to a system capable of maintaining itself
  14. ni-hil-ism
    the rejection of all religious or moral beliefs.
  15. an-ec-do-tal
    not necessarily true or reliable
  16. milieu
    a persons social environment
  17. expropriate/Expropriation
    dispossession of ones property/ The act of taking of privately owned property by a government to be used for the public
  18. pellagra
    Disease caused by a lack of nutrition leads to confusion, delusions, diarrhea, inflamed mucus membranes.
  19. dis-si-dent
    a person who opposes official policy
  20. leishmaniavicissitudessis
    a protozoan parasite that attacks the skin or tissues
  21. Vicissitudes
    a change of circumstances or fortune, typically in an unpleasant way.
  22. dichotomy
    a contrast between two things that are opposite.