Chem exam tips

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  1. Never forget what?
    Units of k , Kc and Image Upload 1
  2. What has to be taken into account when working out enthalpy from Born-Haber cycles?
    Multiplying by 2 if there are two of the species.
  3. Always remember to do what with species like Ca(OH)2 when working out pH ?
    Times the concentration of the species by 2 to find the OH- concentration.
  4. What must always be done when explaining a buffer solution?
    • Writing an equation to explain the equilibrium.
    • eg .
    • HOCH2COOH ⇌ H+ 2COO-
    • H2CO3 ⇌ H+ + HCO-
  5. When working out Kc what must always be done?
    • Volumes converted into mol dm-3
    • eg. 4.00 mol NO2 in a container with a volume of 2.00 dm3
    • There moles are 2.00 mol dm-3 
  6. In half equations what must balance
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