NIS #12 yo que tu - Conditional Tense

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  1. Conditional tense
    • -The conditional is used to express the Spanish equivalent of “would + verb”.
    • -It's a tense of potentialities, of something that would happen on the condition of something else taking place:
    • ia   
    • ias 
    • ia
    • iamos
    • iais
    • ian
  2. If I were you
    Yo que tu
  3. You should eat well
    • Deberias de comer bien
    • (Conditional)
  4. to fatten, put on weight
  5. Cheese is very fattening
    El queso engorda much
  6. do it yourself
  7. It's not as bad as all that
    no es para tanto
  8. What can I do to help
    Que puedo hacer para ayudar
  9. Advice
  10. do you have more advice for me?
    Tienes mas consejos para me
  11. You would have to eat less cheese
    • Tendrias que comer menos queso
    • (conditional)
  12. Any other advice
    Alguna otro consejo
  13. If I were you
    Si yo fuera tu
  14. I would play many sports
    haria mucho deporte
  15. To build
    I want to build a cabinet
    • Construir
    • Yo quiero construir un amario
  16. What for
    Para que
  17. If I were you...or in your position
    Yo en tu lugar
  18. I would go to the bakery to buy bread
    Yo iria al panaderia para comprar pan
  19. Then you should call your neighbor
    Pues deberias llamar a tu vecino
  20. I believe that you should call him first
    Yo creo que deberias llamarle primero
  21. I would go now to the computer to search pages of carpentry
    Me iría ahora mismo al ordenador para buscar páginas de carpinteria
  22. Are you sad?
    Estas triste?
  23. To try... as in attempt
  24. If I were you, I would try to eat more fruit
    Yo que tu, intentaria comer mas fruta
  25. If I were you, I would do more sports
    yo que tu, haria mucho deporte
  26. I probably knew
  27. We probably drank too much beer
    tomariamos demasiado mucho cerveza
  28. Could you carry my bags
    Podrias llevar mi bolsas
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