Chapter 7 essentials

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  1. Sometimes you can improve a device’s performance, add new features to it, and/or fix problems with it by applying a free _____________ from the manufacturer.
    driver update
  2. It’s sometimes hard to know what is holding a system back from peak performance. what can you use to troubleshoot it in windows 7
    Windows Experience Index,
  3. Upgrading a processor is ___________ a good idea.
  4. If you do decide to upgrade the processor, consult the _______________________ very carefully to make sure the processor you get is compatible.
    PC’s documentation
  5. RAM is a fairly easy upgrade. The main concern is whether you have the ________________
    available slots
  6. If you don’t want to use the one built into the motherboard anymore, you can disable it in the _________ ______ program.
    BIOS Setup
  7. You can only add how many display adapters to the system as it has compatible expansion slots available
    as many as it has compatible expansion slots available
  8. One of the biggest risks in buying an upgrade component is that?
    it won’t be compatible with your system
  9. compatibility involves
    • Physical Compatibility
    • System Compatibility
    • Operating System Compatibility
  10. Notice the _____ on the antistatic bag; they’re part of the antistatic “cage” that the bag creates for the component.
  11. To insert RAM, orient it so that it’s going straight into the slot, and make sure any?
    ridges or cutouts on the edge align with the corresponding tabs on the RAM slot.
  12. If you’re installing a parallel ATA drive, you have to set a ____ on the drive to tell it if it’s the master, slave, or only drive on that cable, or to tell it that you’re using Cable Select to determine the drive’s master/slave status.
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