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  1. What does CPU stand for?
    Central processing unit
  2. refers to the amount of data that can simultaneously enter the processor in one operation.
    Word size
  3. What numbering system uses only digits 0 through 9?
  4. What CPU brand includes the Phenom II, Athlon II, and Turion II CPUs?
    Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
  5. What does LGA stand for, and what is it?
    Land grid array, a type of CPU socket in a motherboard
  6. How is CPU speed measured?
    In gigahertz (GHz) for modern CPUs; in megahertz (MHz) for older ones
  7. What is MIPS, and how does it relate to CPU performance?
    Millions of instructions per second; the number of instructions per second a CPU can process
  8. What is the purpose of the L1 cache?
    It holds data that the CPU might need soon, reducing the amount of time the CPU has to wait for the data it needs.
  9. A(n)                                        microprocessor is a hybrid between a multicore processor and a specialized system, and it is used in gaming consoles such as the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.
  10. A(n)                                        is a block of heat-conductive metal that touches the processor and draws the heat away from it.
    Heat sink
  11. What does BIOS stand for?
    Basic Input/Output System
  12. What is the difference between static and dynamic memory?
    Static memory does not have to be constantly refreshed to retain its content, and dynamic memory does.
  13. True or false: virtual memory is employed when part of the computer's RAM is used as a hard disk.
  14. What is the relationship between the system bus speed and the speed of the DDR SDRAM in the system?
    Double data rate (DDR) SDRAM can operate at twice the speed of the system bus.
  15. What does DIMM stand for?
    Dual inline memory module
  16. True or false: a 240-pin DIMM would be likely to be used in a notebook computer or smart phone.
  17. , labeled F1 through F12, perform special purposes depending on the application or the operating system in use.
    Function keys
  18. List three modifier keys on a standard desktop keyboard.
    Shift, Ctrl, Alt
  19. The keyboard key with a four-sectioned flag graphic on it is the                                        key.
  20. On a notebook computer, the                                        key is like an alternative version of the Ctrl key. When combined with some other keypress, it performs a special command.
  21. What type of interface does a keyboard use?
    Modern keyboards use USB; older keyboards use PS/2.
  22. On a 10-key keypad, what are the 10 keys the name refers to?
    0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9
  23. In a mechanical mouse, there is a rubber                                        on the underside that rolls across the mouse pad or a desktop.
  24. True or false: in an optical mouse, a ball rolls past a light-emitting diode inside the mouse.
  25. True or false: tablet computers do not have hard drives.
  26. True or false: the decimal value of the binary number 111 is 7.
  27. How many megabytes in a gigabyte?
  28. Letters are represented by binary numbers using                                        codes.
    ASCII, which stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange.
  29. What is the common name for IEEE 1394?
  30. Why are internal hard disks faster than external ones?
    The internal bus speed is faster than any externally accessible port can provide.
  31. Which type of hard disk interface cable is a wide ribbon?
    Parallel ATA (PATA)
  32. EIDE is a synonym for which type of hard disk: PATA, SATA, or SCSI?
  33. RAID                                        combines multiple drives to form one large drive. It offers faster disk access than a single volume because more read/write heads are working at once.
  34. What does CHS stand for, and what type of device does it help describe?
    Cylinders, heads, and sectors. CHS describes the drive geometry of a hard disk.
  35. True or false: high-level formatting is done within the operating system for a hard disk.
  36. True or false: each hard disk must have at least one primary partition in order to work with an operating system.
  37. When you partition a hard disk, it creates a(n)                                        that contains information about each partition and logical drive. The OS looks to it to determine what drive letters you have.
    Master boot record (MBR)
  38. Sectors are grouped into                                       , and the operating system addresses them by those units rather than by individual sector.
    Clusters, or allocation units
  39. What is the capacity of a single-sided, double-layer DVD?
    8.54 GB
  40. are similar to DVDs but hold more data.
    Blu-ray discs
  41. True or false: a flash drive stores data in memory rather than on a disk.
  42. Name two types of flash memory cards.
    Any two of these: CompactFlash, SmartMedia, MultiMedia Card, Secure Digital, Memory Stick, and xD
  43. True or false: a solid-state hard drive contains no spinning platters.
  44. How is printer speed measured?
    Pages per minute (ppm)
  45. Which type of printer is a line printer—that is, it prints one line at a time as the paper gradually feeds through the printer?
    Inkjet printer. Dot-matrix printers did this too, but they are obsolete.
  46. Which type of printer has a spinning drum inside?
  47. Older types of this peripheral device use an LPT port on the computer and a Centronics connector on the device.
  48. Which type of monitor uses an electron gun and phosphors?
  49. Each colored dot on a monitor screen is a(n)                                       .
  50. What does VGA stand for?
    Video Graphics Adapter
  51. What type of connector does a VGA monitor connection use?
    15-pin D-sub
  52. What type of connector does a digital monitor use?
    Digital Visual Interface (DVI) most commonly, or High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)
  53. A microphone that picks up sound in all directions is                                       .
  54. The 802.11n standard is associated with what type of networking?
    Wi-Fi (wireless Ethernet)
  55. is a wireless networking technology that connects devices over short distances, such as connecting a wireless headset to a cell phone.
  56. A wireless access point is identified to the network by its                                       .
  57. What is HomePlug?
    Ethernet over power lines
  58. What is HTTPS?
    HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP.
  59. If you send mail with POP3, what protocol do you use to receive it?
  60. A(n)                                        server translates between IP addresses and domain names.
  61. If you do a clean install of Windows, do you still have access to the previously installed applications?
  62. If you add a SATA hard disk to an older system, what do you need to check to make sure the system can accept it?
    You need a SATA power connector and a SATA interface on the motherboard.
  63. If you are relying on web-delivered software services, what would you need to be concerned about in your Internet service?
    Adequate bandwidth, and lack of contention
  64. What is the risk of not installing a recommended update for your operating system?
    Updates fix vulnerabilities that may prevent hackers from hacking and exploiting your system.
  65. A(n)                                        connector is a 9-pin male D-sub connector on a PC.
    Serial, or legacy serial
  66. An RJ-45 jack on a PC is most likely used for                                        connectivity.
  67. True or false: when you install a new application in Windows, by default the application's folder is created directly under the root directory on the main hard disk.
  68. What utility in Windows helps you delete unneeded files such as temporary files?
    Disk Cleanup
  69. What is social engineering?
    Social engineering is the practice of tricking someone into revealing personal information to you.
  70. What type of threat would a worm typically carry?
    A virus or Trojan horse
  71. is the practice of setting up a fake secure website and then collecting people's user names and passwords when they try to log into it.
    Phishing, which is a type of social engineering
  72. A keylogger is a form of                                       .
  73. How can you discourage hackers from exploiting OS vulnerabilities on your system?
    Update your operating system whenever an update is available.
  74. When connecting to an unknown network via wireless connection in Windows, which option should you choose when asked about the network type?
  75. Between WPA and WEP, which is most secure?
  76. You can block incoming and outgoing traffic on TCP ports on your system via a(n)                                       .
  77. What constitutes a strong password?
    A strong password is long, contains varied characters (numbers, uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and symbols), and is difficult to guess.
  78. A fingerprint reader is an example of a(n)                                        authentication device.
  79. If you suspect a virus infection, what should you do?
    Run an antivirus scan if possible. Quarantine or delete the infected files. Escalate to an IT professional when needed.
  80. What type of case would likely be used for a server?
    Full tower
  81. What does PDA stand for?
    Personal Digital Assistant
  82. A netbook is a smaller version of a(n)                                        computer.
  83. True or false: media card readers read only one type of card per device.
  84. A(n)                                        is a digital camera that must be connected to a personal computer to be used.
  85. True or false: when selecting RAM for an upgrade, as long as you buy the right physical size, you automatically get the right type.
  86. True or false: if you have an 802.11g network adapter, you can use it to connect to an 802.11n router.
  87. If you connect a new keyboard and it will not respond, what should you check?
    Make sure the keyboard is firmly connected. Make sure it is compatible with your system. Check to see if it needs a driver to be installed.
  88. If an application will not start after a Windows update, what would you try first to make it work?
    Use Compatibility Mode to trick the application into thinking the earlier version of Windows is still installed.
  89. If you install a new game controller and the driver that came with it, and it won't work, what should you try?
    See if an updated driver is available online for the device.
  90. How does ESD damage equipment?
    Static electricity shocks the sensitive electronics on a circuit board, weakening or damaging it.
  91. What equipment can you use to avoid ESD damage?
    Antistatic wrist strap, antistatic grounded mat
  92. What type of fire extinguisher should you use to put out an electrical fire?
    Class C (or Halon, if available)
  93. What does wire placement have to do with computer safety?
    Users can trip over wires strung across walkways or near areas where people pass nearby.
  94. What is the danger to your computer during an extreme lightning storm?
    Lightning can strike nearby, creating an electrical spike that can damage your computer.
  95. True or false: in the U.K. and the U.S., legislation makes it illegal for consumers to throw away alkaline batteries in their regular trash.
  96. What can you use to clean dust out from under keys on a keyboard?
    Compressed air
  97. Why should you not use glass cleaner on a computer monitor?
    It contains ammonia, which can harm the antiglare coating on a monitor.
  98. A surge suppressor works by allowing a variable resistor, or                                       , to take the hit of the electrical surge.
  99. What is TCO, and how does it relate to your choice of printers?
    Total cost of ownership. Some printers are expensive initially, like lasers, but their consumables are cheaper. An inkjet printer is the reverse; the initial cost is low, but the ink cost is high.
  100. What certification for hardware ensures that it meets certain energy-saving specifications?
    Energy Star
  101. What are the key benefits of telecommuting in terms of energy saving?
    Reduced emissions from transportation reduction; reduced office space heating and lighting costs
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