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  1. A
    • 1 is A as in ANCHORMAN
    • because there is one anchorman in front of the camera during the news
    • broadcast.
  2. B
    • 2 is B as in BUGS
    • BUNNY because he has two big ears.
  3. C
    • 3 is C as in CAMPING
    • because the international sign for camping is a triangle.
  4. D
    • 4 is D as in DROMEDARY
    • because it crosses the desert on four legs.
  5. E
    • 5 is E as in ELEPHANT
    • because it has four legs and a trunk making five.
  6. F
    • 6 is F as in FLUTE
    • because of the six holes up front.
  7. G
    • 7 is G as in GARDEN
    • (of Eden) because on the seventh day he rested in the garden.
  8. H
    • 8 is H as in HAT
    • because the figure 8 with a horizontal line through the top loop looks like Mr.
    • Peanut with his top hat.
  9. I
    • 9 is I as in an INDIAN
    • because an Indian brave has 9 feathers in his headdress.
  10. J
    • 10 is J as in JAPANESE
    • because the Japanese business people think in terms of decades or ten year
    • increments.
  11. K
    • 11 is K as in KILO
    • because kilo is a measurement and with eleven decimal places you can calculate
    • the distance from the earth to the center of the galaxy to the last few inches.
  12. L
    • 12 is L as in LADDER
    • because a fireman can use a 12 rung ladder to save a child on the second story
    • of a house.
  13. M
    • 13 is M as in MILITARY
    • because a dozen soldiers and their leader makes the thirteen in the film “The
    • Dirty Dozen.”
  14. N
    • 14 is N as in NO-THEATER
    • because the Japanese No-Theater was developed in the 14th century.
  15. O
    • 15 is O as in THE
    • OLYMPIC GAMES because 15 hundredths of a second cannot be seen in a photo
    • finish but can mean the difference between a gold or silver medal in the games.
  16. P
    • 16 is P as in the PAIR
    • of sixteen year olds named Paul and Mary who can be married in Germany.
  17. Q
    • 17 is Q as in QUEST
    • the name of the space station, because it has seventeen levels within it.
  18. R
    • 18 is R as in ROLLING
    • HOME or RECREATIONAL VEHICLE because you need to be eighteen
    • years of age to rent one.
  19. S
    • 19 is S as in STUDENT
    • because nineteen is the average age of a person starting college.
  20. T
    • 20 is T as in TENNIS
    • because the score is Two-Love or Two-Zero (twenty).
  21. U
    • 21 is U as in UNPUNCTUALITY
    • because missing an appointment at 9:00 PM or 21:00 hours is unpunctual.
  22. V
    • 22 is V as in VASE
    • because the creative craft of pottery used to form a vase can be creatively
    • mimicked by flipping the left digit horizontally making the 2 and 2 look like a
    • vase.
  23. W
    • 23 is W as in WEIGHING
    • SCALE because on opposite trays of the scale are the numbers two and
    • three.
  24. X
    • 24 is X as in XYLOPHONE
    • (or X-MAS) because on December 24th, a toy xylophone with 24
    • notes is received as a gift.
  25. Y
    • 25 is Y as in YACHT
    • because your 25 yard (75 foot) yacht sits in the harbor ready to sail away.
  26. Z
    • 26 is Z as in ZEPPLIN
    • because the new freight moving zeppelin with number 26 painted on it can lower
    • itself 26 yards.
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