Basic Russian II

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  1. I would like
    Ya Hochoo
  2. Please bring me beer
    Prinyeseetye mnye pashalooista beeva
  3. Please bring me some water
    Prinyeseetye pashalooista va-dui
  4. caraffe
  5. a bottle of water
    bootilkoo va-dui
  6. I would like a small measure of vodka
    Ya hachoo rioomkoo vodki
  7. Cheers!
  8. I would like some more bread
    Ya hachoo yeshor hleba
  9. Do you have a free table?
    Oo vas yest' svabodnee stolik?
  10. Yes, of course
    Da, kanyeshna
  11. No, sorry
    Niet, ochen shal
  12. What are we drinking?
    Shto boodyem peet?
  13. Do you want to order?
    Vui hateetye zakazat?
  14. Is everything OK?q
    Vser normalna
  15. Bon appetit!
    Priyatnava appetitia
  16. Can one pay by credit card?
    Moshna plateet po creditnoy cartachkye?
  17. How much does it cost?
    Skolka stoit?
  18. To this address
    Pa etomu adriesoo
  19. To the shopping centre
    K univermagoo
  20. Where can one buy tickets?
    G'dyeer moshna kooppeet bilyetey?
  21. There and back
    Tooda ee abratna
  22. 100 Roubles
    Stoa rooblei
  23. Is it not far to an ATM?
    Doh bankamata, neardeleko
  24. Pharmacy
  25. Where is there not far a hospital?
    G'dyeer yest neardeleko balnyitsa?
  26. Nearby
  27. Is there a post office nearby?
    G'deyeer yest pablizasti pochta?
  28. I'm sorry - I don't know
    Mnye ochen shal - ya nea znaioo
  29. I know
    Ya znaioo
  30. Yes, it's there
    Da, eta tam
  31. Your're welcome - don't mention it.
    Nea za shta
  32. I'm looking for the train to Moscow
    Ya ishoo poezd na Moszkvoo
  33. I'm looking for Red Square
    Ya ishoo krasnoyioo ploshed
  34. bus stop
    avtoboosnooioo astanovkoo
  35. by bus
  36. by car
  37. on foot
  38. Can you tell me...
    Vui moshyetye mnye skazat...
  39. to get to...
    ...kak dabratsa doa...
  40. Can you tell me how to get to...
    Vui moshyetye mnye skazat kak dabratsa doa...
  41. Go straight on
    Iditye pryama
  42. Turn to the right
    Pavyerneetye (na) prava
  43. Turn left
    Pavyerneetye (na) lyeva
  44. Is it far?
    Eta delekoa?
  45. Approximately one kolometre
    Primyerna agin kilomeatrr
  46. It's best by bus
    Loochshye avtoboosam
  47. What time?
    Va skolka?
  48. When?
  49. Our baggage is there
    Nash bagash tam
  50. Where is my room?
    G'dyeer maya komnata?
  51. Your room is on the second floor.
    Vasha komnata na vtarom etage
  52. Your room is on the first floor
    Vasha komnata na pyervam etage
  53. What time is breakfast?
    Va skolka zavtrak?
  54. Breakfast
  55. I have a problem
    Oo menya problema
  56. Can you help me?
    Morshetsye menye pamoch?
  57. I have lost my key.
    Ya pateryal moi kliooch
  58. I have lost my wallet
    Ya peteryal moi koshelok
  59. Is this it?
    Eta on?
  60. Yes, it's mine
    Da, eto moi
  61. No, it's not mine
    Niet, eto nea moi
  62. I need...
    Mnye nooshen...
  63. I need a doctor
    Mnye nooshen doctor
  64. head
  65. headache
    golavnoi boli
  66. I need something for a headache
    Mnye nooshna shto-ta ot golavnoi boli

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