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  1. 有利可圖的合句
    1. juicy contract
  2. 血汗錢
    hard-earned money
  3. 選拔, 篩選
    screen out
  4. 轉往
    1) verb to be + routed + to

    E.g The order will be routed to HK Exchange as usual

    • 2) redirect
    • E.g. That means once the order is redirected to the exchange
  5. 返回的選擇權 (無得反悔)
    tournaround option (n)

    e.g There is no turnaround option.
  6. 主要的目的
    primarily aim

    E.g. Stockmax primarily aims to offer buyers the best price for stock traded in the local main board
  7. 聽其自然, 放任不管
    • let things slide
    • E.g. Simon had really let things slide and the house was a mess
  8. 同類型中最大的
    the largest of this kind
  9. 市價
    the going price
  10. 臨時合約
    provisional agreement
  11. 不管, 不論
    Regardless of

    E.g. Victor will go to Julian's wedding regardless of the weather
  12. 將要發生, 可能
    in the cards (likely or certain to happen)

    E.g. 24-hour deadline for flat sales in the cards
  13. 經營成本營業比例
    cost efficiency ratio
  14. 追過, 發展快過
    outpace (v)

    E.g. China's growth always outpace Hong Kong's
  15. 開拓新領域, 市場
    tap into (vt)

    E.g. HSBC has previously said to plan to hire at least 20,000 more people in mainland over the next fire years, aiming to tap into the fast-growing Asia-Pacific market

    tap into 亦意 - 利用

    E.g. Dean Fung tapped into the lecturers' enthusiasm to improve the school
  16. 頭腦清醒
    • cool-head (n)
    • cool-headed (a)

    E.g. We need a quick thinking, cool-headed person for the job
  17. 選擇
    Opt for (vt)

    E.g. We finally opted for the wood finish.

    Opt in (vt) = to decide to join a group or system

    E.g. Employees have the choice to opt in to the scheme.

    Opt out 

    E.g. You can't just opt out of all responsibility for the child!
  18. 做到, 完成任務
    • accomplished (a)
    • accomplish (vt)

    • E.g.We have accomplished all we set out to do.
    • E.g. Mission accomplished (=we have done what we intended to do)
  19. 挫折
    setback (n)
  20. 優勢
    competitive advantage (n)
  21. 有才能的, 能干的
    talented, gifted, able, brilliant, artistic, endowed, capable
  22. 打破傳統
    disturb /wreck the status quo
  23. 給... 以機會, 大開方便之門
    E.g. Open a gate to (for)
  24. 民怨極大
    huge discontent
  25. 貶值
    devaluation (n)
  26. 非常好情況
    top/tip top conditions
  27. 詭計多端
    slick (a)

    E.g. Slick traders are ready to do it again
  28. 常規, 慣例
    a beaten track

    E.g. A well beaten track to the forest
  29. 食言
    to go back from one's word
  30. 放棄
    black down

    E.g. The speaker's forceful words persuaded his opponent to back down
  31. 公佈
    reveal, disclose, unveil (V)

    • E.g. Reagon unveiled a series of budget cuts totaling 4billion.  
    • E.g. The Queen unveiled a status of Prince Albert
  32. 進行
    timeless, round the clock, continual, ongoing (a), perpetual (a) - 意指不好的, persistent, round-the-clock, uninterrupted, unfailing

    E.g. his wife lived in a perpetual fear of his fiery temper
  33. 不準確
    (a) incorrect, off the mark, wide off the mark

    E.g. Our cost estimate was way off the mark.  Julian's answers on the test were just wide of the mark
  34. 準確
    (a) correct, on the mark
  35. 理由不充份的藉口
    a slim excuse
  36. 烏托邦
    a pie in the sky

    E.g. the idea of full employment is just a pie in the sky
  37. 生人霸地
    a dog in the manger
  38. 没有膽量嘗試
    have/get cold foot (informal)

    E.g. You are getting cold feet about marrying him?
  39. 不感興趣或影響
    leave sb cold

    E.g. Opera just leave me cold - I can't understand why people like it
  40. 極度不足
    grossly insufficient
  41. 不可接收的不公平
    gross negligence/injustice/misconduct
  42. 公帑
    public purse

    E.g. HK people should provide for their own retirement not expect to be funded by the public purse
  43. 打成平手
    a draw (n)
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