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  1. What is stress?
    A mental and physical process of DEALing with events tat are threating or challenging
  2. Stressors (events that cause stress)
    • Catastrophes
    • Life changes
    • Daily Hassles
  3. Stress Response (Reactions)
    • Bad behaviors
    • health compromise
    • acute stress (FIGHT OR FLIGHT) : can be helpful/prolonged effect can be harmed
    • Limbic system activates SNS ->epinephrine (causes rapid and intense bodily changes)
    • Immune system compromised (lymphocytes)
  4. Lymphocytes
    • Reduced by stress
    • Act to FIGHT bacteria, viruses, cancer cells.
  5. Psychoneuroimmunology
    The study of psychological, neural, and endocrine processes together affect the immune system and resulting health.
  6. Type A
    Competitive, hard-driving, impatient, verbally aggressive, and anger-prone people.
  7. Type B
    Easy going, relaxed
  8. Catharsis Hypothesis
    • The idea that releasing aggressive energy (through action or fantasy ex letters) relieves aggressive urge.
    • temp calming may ESCALATE AGGRESSION habit forming negative reinforcement
  9. Internal locus of control
    You control your own fate
  10. External locus of control
    The perception that chance or outside forces beyond your personal control determine your fate.
  11. Feel-good, do good phenomenon
    People's tendency to be helpful when already in a good mood.
  12. Adaptation-level phenomenon
    • Our tendency to form judgments (of sounds, lights of income) relative to a neutral level defined by our prior experience.
    • Tendency to judge events based on our most recent experience
  13. Relative Deprivation
    • The perception that one is worse off relative to those with whom one compares oneself
    • aka our happiness is relative to our comparisons with others
    • sense that we are worse off than others.
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