US History

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  1. Franklin D Roosevelt
    • US President From 1933-1945
    • Died in Warm Spring, GA
    • Had Polio
  2. Adolf Hitler
    • German Leader of NAZI party
    • 1933-1945
  3. Benito Mussolini
    • Italian Fascit Leader who took power in 1920
    • Il Duce-"The Leader"
  4. Winston Churchill
    Leader of Great Britain during WWII
  5. Joseph Stalin
    • Leader of Soviet Union 1924-1953
    • Worked with Churchill and Roosevelt during WWII but after began cold ward with USA.
  6. Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto
    • Japanese Admiral
    • Commander of the Japanese Navy in WWII
  7. Douglas MacArthur
    • US General during WWII and Korean War
    • Forced to resign by President Truman
  8. Harry Truman
    • President of The United States 1945-1953
    • Authorized use of the Atomic Bomb
    • Signed the Marshall Plan
  9. Dwight D. Eisenhower
    • President of the United States  (34th)
    • 1953-1961
    • Leader of Allied Forces in WWII
    • Promoted business and social programs
  10. Nikita Khrushchev
    • Soviet Union Leader from 1953-1964
    • Opposed President Kennedy in the Cuban Missle Crises
  11. John Foster Dulles
    US Secretary of State 1953-1959
  12. Kim Il Sung
    President of North Korea 1948-1994
  13. George Kennan
    • US Ambassador to the Soviet Union
    • 1952
    • Father of "Containment"
    • Inspired the Truman Doctrine
  14. Fidel Castro
    • Revolutionary Leader who took control of Cuba in 1959.
    • Ally of Soviet Untion in 1980s.
  15. Ho Chi Minh
    Leader of the Communist party in Vietnam 1951-1969
  16. Joseph McCarthy
    • US Senator from Wisconsin 1940-1950
    • Lead crusade to investigate officials he claimed were communist.
  17. Henry Kaiser
    • American Shipbuilder
    • Apodted new techniquies that allowed consturction time of a new ship to 45 days
  18. Norman Rockwell
  19. Rosie the Rivetor
    Cultual icon representing American women who worked factories during WWII
  20. Nisei
    Japanese that worn born American Citizens from imigrant parents. 
  21. Billy Graham
    • Evangelist and Presidential Advisor.
    • Known for leading large scale crusades
  22. Dr. Benjamin Spock
    Doctor (Pediatritian) who wrote the book "The common sense book of baby and child care" that encourage women to stay at home with children rather that work.
  23. Elvis Presley
  24. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
    Husband and Wife that were executed in 1953 for passing atomic secret to the Soviet Union.
  25. Alger Hiss
    Former US State Departmen official investigated as a possible Communist spy by the HUAC. (House Un-American Activies Committee)
  26. Edward R. Murrow
    American Broadcast journalist; broadcast WWII followed by many listeners
  27. Beatniks
    • members of the "beat generation"
    • writer, artists and other participants challenging traditional patterns of respectability of open sexuality and use of drugs
  28. Battle of Britain
    British battle against Germany where Winston Churchill pledged to defend their island at all cost; Aug 1940, greatest air assault the world had seen; 1,000 planes rained bombs on Britain
  29. Rape of Nanking
    Also known as the Nanking massacre; mass murder and mass rape committed by Japanese troops; 6 week period starting Dec13, 1937; done by Japanese who captured Nanking the Chinese capital
  30. Pearl Harbor
    Japans aggresive attack on the US in Hawaii; December 7, 1941; 200 American warplanes damaged and 18 warships sunk or damaged; next day Roosevelt declared War on Japan
  31. Battle of Staligrad
    German offensive at a Russain railroad and industrial center on the Volga River; Sept 1942
  32. Normandy/D-Day/Operation Overlord
    D-Day--day of invasion of Western Europe 1,000 American planes, 150,000 allied troops came ashore along the Normandy coast in France
  33. Battle of the Buldge
    WWII Battle in which German forces launched a final counter attack in the west.
  34. Sunbelt
  35. Battle of Midway
    Japanese bomber attacks on island of midway and unsuccessful American strike on Japanese fleet; fought entirely from the air
  36. Battle of Guadalcanal
    • Solomon islands where Japanese were building an airfield
    • 11,000 marines landed in Aug 1942 and made easy targets for Japanese snipers hidden in thick underbrush
    • After several navy battles, US took control of the island
  37. Battle of Okinawa
    • April-June 1945
    • small island
    • 350 miles from Japan
    • last obstacle to the allied invasion
  38. Berlin
  39. 38th Parallel
  40. Levittown
  41. Hiroshima
    • Aug 1945 American "Enola Gay" dropped a single atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima, Japan; their largest army base
    • 80,000 died
    • 90 percent of building were damaged or destroyed
  42. Nagasaki
    • Aug 14 1945 second bomb was dropped on Nagasaki Japan
    • the next day Japanese surrendered
  43. Tokyo
  44. French Indochina
  45. Neutrality Acts
  46. Destroyers-Bases Deal
  47. Four Freedoms Address
  48. Lend-Lease Act of 1941
  49. Atlantic Charter
  50. Tripartite Pact
  51. Long Telegram
  52. Truman Doctrine
  53. Marshall Plan
  54. National Defense Education Act of 1958
  55. GI Bill of Rights
  56. The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care
  57. Geneva Accords
  58. Nye Committee Hearings
  59. Doolittle Raid
  60. Zoot Suit Riots
  61. Holocaust
  62. Berlin Blockade
  63. Berlin Airlift
  64. Second Red Scare
  65. McCarthyism
  66. Army-McCarthy Hearings
  67. Allies
  68. Axis Powers
  69. Isolationism
  70. Cash and Carry
  71. America First Committee
  72. Wolfpack
  73. War Production Board
  74. Office of Price Administration
  75. Rationing
  76. War Bonds
  77. Braceros
  78. internment camps
  79. island hopping
    military strategy of selecting specific enemy held islands and bipassing others; allowed Americans to move quickly toward their ultimate goal of Japan
  80. kamikaze
  81. Manhattan Project
  82. United Nations
  83. Concentration Camps
  84. Final Solution
  85. Buffer Zone
  86. Iron Curtain
  87. Containment
  88. Satellite
  89. NATO
    North Atlantic Treaty Organiztion
  90. Warsaw Pact
  91. Korean War
  92. Brinkmanship
  93. deterence
  94. Massive Retaliation
  95. MAD
  96. NASA
  97. Sputnik
  98. U-2
  99. Fallout Shelter
  100. Duck and Cover
  101. Censure
  102. HUAC
  103. Blacklist
  104. military-industrial complex
  105. hydrogen bomb
  106. rock and roll
  107. white flight
  108. Interstate Highway System
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