ADPi Alpha Exam

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  1. Where was Alpha Delta Pi founded
    Wesleyan College, Macon, GA
  2. When was Alpha Delta Pi founded?
    May 15, 1851
  3. List the Six Founders
    • Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald
    • Mary Evans Glass
    • Octavia Andrew Rush
    • Sophronia Woodruff Dews
    • Ella Peirce Turner
    • Elizabeth Williams Mithcell
  4. What was the original name of Alpha Delta Pi?
    The Adelphean Society
  5. What was the first Greek letter name of Alpha Delta Pi
    Alpha Delta Phi
  6. What is our open motto?
    We live for each other
  7. What was the official magazine for Alpha Delta Pi
    The Adelphean
  8. List two nearby chapters, giving their Greek name and college or university where they are located
    • Longwood - Epsilon Chi
    • Washington and Lee - Theta Zeta
    • JMU - Theta Omicron
    • CNU - Theta Nu
  9. What is our chapter's Greek Letter name?
    Eta Pi
  10. Give a brief history of our chapter, including the year your chapter was founded, as well as highlights, of important events
    Founded in 1990. We host Safari Hunt and preppy Olympics to support local, Roanoke RMH, 2 time Golden lion chapter
  11. What is the name of the governing body of alpha delta pi?
    Grand Council
  12. Who is the International President
    Tammie Pinkston
  13. Who is our Collegiate Province Director?
    Marueen Carnevale
  14. Who is our Chapter Advisor
    Judie Reemsnyder
  15. Who is our District Team Director?
    Charlene Nagaglioni-Gang
  16. What is the role of the grand council
    To act as a governing body for alpha delta pi
  17. Which has more chapters, a district or a province
  18. How many districts are there
  19. What is the address of Executive Office / Memorial Headquarters
    1386 Ponce De Leon Avenue NE Atlanta, GA 30306
  20. What is the role of Executive Office
    Management - helps with paper work, ect.
  21. What is the name of the members-only side of the alpha delta pi website
    Pride Online
  22. What is the name of the book that can answer any alpha delta pi policy or procedural question?
    Chapter Operations Book
  23. List 5 of the 14 Alpha Delta Pi Statements of Policy
    Media, Websites, Sexual Harrasment, Illegal Drugs, Hazing
  24. What does NPC stand for?
    National Panhellenic Council
  25. How many Organizations are members of NPC
  26. What is Alpha Delta Pi's international philanthropy
    Ronald McDonald House
  27. What separate corporation accepts tax-deductible gifts, as allowed by law, then uses its resources to fund alpha delta pi scholarhships and educational programs
    Alpha Delta Pi foundation
  28. Lord, who shall abide in thy____
  29. Who shall dwell in thy holy _____
  30. He that walketh uprightly and worketh _________
  31. and speakth the _______ in his heart
  32. He that backbiteth not with his tongue, nor doeth ____ to his neighbor
  33. nor taketh up a _______ against his neighbour
  34. In whose eyes a vile person is contemned; but he ___________ them that fear the Lord.
  35. He that __________ to his own hurt, and changeth not
  36. He that putteth not out his _________ to usury
  37. nor taketh _________ against the innocent
    up a reward
  38. He that doeth these things shall never be _______________
  39. List 4 of the chapter officer postions that serve of the Executive Board
    President, Executive Vice President, Finance Vice President, Membership Education Vice President
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