APO test 3

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  1. What is the name of our chapter?
    Alpha Delta Xi
  2. When was our chapter founded?
    April 16, 1996
  3. What region is our chapter in?
  4. What section is our chapter in?
  5. List the states in our region
    VA, NC, MD, D.C.
  6. Who is our current Sectional Chair?
    Tre Kolling
  7. When was the last time our Chapter hosted Sectionals?
    Spring 2013
  8. Chapter president?
    Kristen Healy
  9. Chapter Leadership Vice President?
    Jenna Ramirez
  10. Chapter Service Vice President?
    Hannah Yoder
  11. Chapter Fellowship Vice President?
    Erica Tilghman
  12. Chapter Finance Vice President?
    Brandon Hubbard
  13. Chapter Sergeant at Arms?
    Nik Van Oekel
  14. Chapter Pledgemaster?
    Rachel Wallis
  15. Chapter Communications Chair?
    Becca Johnson
  16. Chapter Alumni Relations?
    Cian Girven
  17. Chapter Risk Manager?
    Anthony Rieger
  18. Chapter Historian?
    Hannah Reed
  19. Chapter Webmaster?
    Riley Noel
  20. Chapter Assistant Pledgemaster?
    Martha Karnes
  21. Who is your pledge classes' namesake?
    Katelyn Irvine
  22. How are namesakes decided in the fall?
    selected at nationals
  23. How are namesakes decided in the spring?
    selected by individual chapters
  24. APO song?
    • Here's to Alpha Phi Omega loyal brothers we.
    • True to self and to each other, firm in loyalty
    • Daily working, daily striving, ever more to be
    • Men of Alpha Phi Omega our fraternity
    • Brothers clasp the hands of Brothers strong the circle we
    • Ever mindful ever serving all humanity
    • Now we raise our grateful voices in our song to thee
    • Men of Alpha Phi Omega may we always be
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