204 Accum Notes Knee

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  1. with terminal knee extension tibia rotates what way with OKC
  2. normal Q angle degree
    • 10-15 
    • greater in women
  3. explain the mechanism of how genu valgum increases lateral patellar deviation
    • the Q angle is increased as the tib tubercle is put more laterally in a genu valgum
    • this changes the quad's angle of pull to yank the patella more laterally
  4. what amount of knee flexion does the patellar begin to contact trochlear grove
  5. at 90 knee flexion what comes into contact with trochlear groove
    quad tendon
  6. what range of OKC flexion is more dangerous
  7. what range of knee flexion does the patella have most contact in groove
  8. the pes anserinus provides medial stability to the kne, what muscles are they
    • sartorious
    • gracilis
    • semitedinosus
  9. what is the highest amount of knee flexion during normal gait
  10. fwd trunk lean is an attempt to shift COG anteriorly with gait due to this knee weakness?
    • quads
    • places weight forward to the knees axis locking it into extension with stance
  11. weak h/s gait results in knee "snapping" into extension at terminal swing and genu recurvatum during stance. explain
    • h/s eccentrically controls knee extension with term swing
    • in stance h/s pulls on lower leg to prevent hyperextension, much like the g/s relation ship
  12. lack of hip extension affects knee how at terminal stance?
    increased knee flexion
  13. WNL degree of genu valgum
  14. s/p ACL avoid OKC ex in this knee flexion range
  15. safe s/p ACL range for CKC? OKC?
    • CKC 60-0
    • OKC 60-90
  16. this ligamentous injury can feel healed to patient but is still in healing process
  17. what 3rd of meniscus has best supply of blood?
    3rd outermost
  18. meniscal repair restriction of movement 6-8wk in what range?
  19. what structures are involved in the "terrible triad"
    • medial meniscus
    • MCL
    • ACL
  20. MCL attaches to what structure
    medial meniscus
  21. ligament grafts are most vulnerable in this time frame
  22. in general which acl reconstruction might you progress slower in general, h/s or bone patellar
  23. with CKC ex s/p ACL what range of knee flexion is avoided
  24. progress slowly into WB knee flexion to 45degree ~4wk for this condition
    meniscal repair
  25. which is a concern of h/s involvement and which is a concern of weight bearing: menisectomy vs meniscus repair
    • menisectomy is concerned with WB
    • meniscus repair is concerned more with H/S inbvolvement
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