phase 1 exam 1

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  1. what is the marine corps on uniform regulations?
    • MCO P1020.34G w/CH 1-4
  2. what is the placement of the shoulder epaulet on the dress blue A dress blue B service A?
    centered 3/4 inch parallel to shoulder
  3. what is the placement of the EGA on the Dress blue A
    inboard parallel to collar seam
  4. how are the medals placed on dress blues A?
    • - Centered between 1st and 2nd button above left pocket                                   
    • - 7 Medals Max Across (can not overlap 50%)
  5. how are the ribbons placed on dress blue A
    • 1/8” above right pocket
  6. what are the differences for a female dress blue A?
    • Placement of EGA – Inboard & parallel to deck                                                                                Medals – Placed 1” above highest point of left pocket
  7. what are the placement of the shooting badges, ribbons, and badges for dress blue b and service a?
    • Shooting Badges – 1/8” above pocket                                                               
    • Ribbons – 1/8” above shooting pocket                                                                      
    • Badges – 1/8” above breast insignia
  8. what are the differences for the female dress blue b and service a?
    • Shooting Badges – 1/8” above highest point of left pocket                                   
    • Ribbons – 1/8” above shooting badges
  9. rank insignia placement for C and utilities
    • -       Placed at appropriate center of the collar 1” from the front edge
    • -       Parallel to the deck
  10. what uniforms are not authorized for leave?
    • - Blue Dress “A” or Blue-White Dress “A”          
    • MCCUU                                                                                                                  -PTGear                                                                                   - Evening Dress
  11. what is civilian equivalent to service c?
    • “Casual”                                                                                                                     Males – Collared open-neck shirt & slacks                                                              
    • Females – Dressy slacks/skirt with blouse or ‘business casual’ dress
  12. what is equivalent to to service a or blue dress b?
    • “Informal”                                                                                                                 Males – Coat & Tie/Suit                                                                                             Females – Cocktail Dress
  13. what is equivalent to dress A or evening dress B
    • “Formal”                                                                                                                   Males – Black Tie/Tuxedo                                                                                          Females – Formal Gown
  14. what are prohibited male hairstyles?
    • - Horseshoe                                                                                                               - Tear Drop                                                                           - Mohawk or LandingStrip                                                                                         - Low Reg
  15. what are authorized female hairstyles
    • - Short Hair Length                                                                                        - Medium Hair Length                                                                                    - Long Hair Length                                                                                         - Bulk of Hair
  16. what are the specifics for a short female hair
    • longest hair is 1 inch from scalp
    • shortes hair 1/4 from scalp
  17. specifics of medium female cut
    less than 1 inch difference of length from front to back
  18. specifics of bulk of hair female cut
    • max 2 inch volume
    • max 3 inch volume for bun
    • bun may be no wider than width of head
  19. what are the 5 things the marine corps does not focus on?
    • is to provide equal opportunity for all military members without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin
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