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  1. what is terrorism
    the calculated use of unlawful violence to inculcate fear
  2. when was the first time that the use of violence and fear to to attain political goals was labeled as terrorism?
    the french revolution
  3. what 4 ideologies motivate terrorist?
    • political
    • nationalist separatist
    • religious
    • special interest
  4. what are the 3 basic categories that terrorist will fall under?
    • state directed
    • state supported
    • non-state supported
  5. what are the 3 long term goals of terrorism?
    • revolutionary
    • sub-revolutionary
    • establishment
  6. what are some immediate goals of terrorism?
    • obtain worldwide recognition
    • cause overreaction of government
    • free prisoners
    • satisfy vengeance
  7. `what are the 3 different cells within a terrorist group
    • operation cell
    • intelligence
    • auxiliary
  8. what are the three support mechanisms for terrorist?
    • state direct
    • state supported
    • non-state supported
  9. what is the average number of people in a terrorist cell?
  10. what do terrorist seek success through?
    through enemy's moral ability to resists.
  11. 4 terrorist attack characteristics
    • dynamic
    • relatively simple
    • hit and run
    • designed for impact
  12. what are the seven proactive steps in defending terrorism?
    • threat analysis
    • critical and vulnerability assesment
    • operations security
    • personnel security
    • physical security
    • awareness education and training
    • planning crisis managment
  13. what are the hree main types of guards?
    • exterior guard (established in combat)
    • ships detachment (guard nuclear, ceremonial duties, vessel security)
    • interior guard (preserve order protect property)
  14. what is the purpose of the interior guard?
    • preserve order
    • protect property
    • enforce regulations
  15. who has authority to establish a guard?
    the co
  16. what is the OOD's responsibilities?
    • directly responsible to the CO
    • carry out all CO's orders
  17. what does the OOD normally inspect?
    • armory
    • mess hall
    • bachelor enlisted quarters
    • motor pool
    • sentries
    • classified material vault
  18. what are the commander of the guards responsibility?
    • ensuring the proper training, discipline, and performance or the guard
    • conducting guard school
    • inspecting all guard personnel while on post and before posting
    • ensuring guard personnel are properly armed and equipped for their duty
    • keeping the OOD and the sergeant of the guard properly informed
    • detailing marines for morning and evening colors
  19. what are the responsibilities of the sergeant of the guard?
    • assisting the commander of the guard. when no commander of the guard is assigned, assume both duties
    • ensuring proper accoutnibility of all guard equipment
    • assigning sentires to reliefs and preparing guard rosters
    • reporting all actions the sentries take
    • inspect sentries
  20. what are the corporal of the guards duties?
    in charge of one relief of the guard
  21. what does the sentry do?
    • keep watch
    • maintain order
    • protect persons on property
  22. what is the supernumerary?
    a person who can stand all posts in case of illness or injury
  23. what are the levels of the force continuum
    • verbal commands
    • contact controls
    • compliance techniques
    • defensive tactics
    • deadly force
  24. what are the three security of information?
    • top secret
    • secret
    • confidential
  25. what is personal information?
    information about an individual that identifies, relates, or is unique to, or describes him or her (ssn, age, rank, marriage status)
  26. what is personal identifiable information?
    any info that can be used to distinguish or trace an individuals identity
  27. what is derivative classification authority?
    if you create something with confidential info then you must make your info confidential at the right level
  28. what is a top secret clearence based on?
    single scoop background investigation
  29. what is a secret clearence based on?
    on a favorable national agency check
  30. what is a confidential clearence based on?
    on a favorable favorable national agency check
  31. what is the standard letter format compared to on the civilian side?
    business letter
  32. what are the margin settings of a standard letter?
    • 1 inch on bottom and sides
    • letterhead starts fourth line from the top
  33. what is the style of type for the standard letter?
    • left justified (no indenting except for the first line of every sub paragraph and every line of long quotations)
    • size 10-12 courier new
  34. what does the letterhead do?
    identifies the unit that originates correspondence
  35. what do you write on the signature block when the xo is taking the CO place?
    Acting. put directly beneath his name
  36. what is written when someone else is signing for the CO?
    By direction
  37. where is the subject line on the second page?
    • sixth line
    • 1 inch left right margins with .5 inch bottom margin
  38. when do you use a buisness letter?
    when corresponding with people outside the DOD
  39. what can a directive be used for?
    • establish or revise policy
    • delegate authority
    • modifies, changes, or cancels another directive
  40. what serves as the cmcs personal communication to all marines
  41. what is the definition of war?
    a violent clash of interest between or among organized groups characterized be the use of military force.
  42. what are the battle field dynamics?
    • friction
    • uncertainty
    • fluidy
    • disorder
    • complexity
    • the human dimension violence and danger
    • physical, moral, and mental forces
  43. what are the 3 levels of war from highest to lowest
    • strategic
    • operational
    • tactical¬†
  44. what is the law of war
    that part of war that regulates the conduct of armed hostiles
  45. what are some principles of the law of war?
    • military necessity
    • proportionality
    • avoid unnecessary suffering
    • distinction
  46. who is not protected under the law of war?
    • spies
    • terrorist if not considered protected combatant
  47. what are the 5s's and a t?
    • search
    • silence
    • safe guard
    • segregate
    • speed
    • tag
  48. what are protected places of the battle field?
    • hospitals
    • chirches
    • mosques
  49. what is considered small arms?
    40mm or below
  50. what pub is the rules of engagments
    joint pub 1-02
  51. who approves roes?
  52. what are the leadership traits?
    • bearing
    • courage
    • decisivness
    • dependability
    • enduance
    • enthusiasm
    • initiative
    • integrity
    • judgement
    • justice
    • knowledge
    • loyalty
    • tact
    • unselfisness
  53. leadership principles
    • be technically and tactically profiecient
    • know yourself and seek self improvement
    • know your marines and look out for their welfare
    • keep your marines informed
    • set the example
    • ensure the task is understood, supervised, and accomplished
    • train your marines as a team
    • make sound and timely decisions
    • develop a sense of responsibility in your subordinantes
    • employ your unit in acordance with its capabilities
    • seek responsibility and take responsibility for your actions
  54. horizontal themes of officership?
    • devoted to leading marines 24/7
    • decides, communicates, and acts
    • warfighter
    • mentally and physically tough
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