El imperfecto de verbos regulares

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  1. -ar
    • aba
    • abas
    • aba
    • ábamos
    • abais
    • aban
  2. -er/-ir
    • ía
    • ías
    • ía
    • íamos
    • íais
    • ían
  3. English equivalents:
    • the simple past
    • the past progressive
    • the used to + infinitive
  4. Use:
    • describe repeated,habitual, or continuous actions in the past with no reference to the beginning or ending.
    • describe an event or action in progress when another event or action takes place ( in the preterit) or is occurring (in the imperfect).
    • describe characteristics or states of being (health, emotions, etc.) in the past when no particular beginning or ending is implied in the statement.
    • the imperfect generally is used with time and age in the past.
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El imperfecto de verbos regulares
The imperfect of regular verbs
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