ENdo step 3

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  1. 4 ways of diagnosing dm
    • 2 occasionals of glucose >126
    • glucose >200 with symptoms
    • abnormal glucose tolerance
    • Hb1ac >6.5%
  2. best initial therapy for dm type 2
  3. moa of metformin
    blocks gluconeogenesis

    increases insulin sensitivity
  4. when is metformin contraindicated
    renal insuffienciecy

    use of contrast material
  5. which sulfyurea is contraindicated with rosiglitazone
  6. pts dm is not controlled by metformin, next step?
    add sulfonylurea
  7. side effect of sulfonyl ureas

  8. mode of action of DP4 inhibitors
    • blocks metabolism of incretins which release insulin and glucagon
    • drugs are sitagliptin
  9. moa of thialinadones
    increases peripheral insulin sensitivity
  10. moa of nagletinide
    increase insulin secretion
  11. best initial test for dka
    serum bicarbonate
  12. what is ordered on the initial screen for dka
    • fluids
    • labs
  13. when do you add insulin for dka?
    once hyperglycemia and low bicarb are found
  14. what complications are important for diabetics
    • retinopathy
    • neuropathy
    • gastroparesis
    • nephropathy
    • erectile dysfunction
    • lipds
    • hypertension
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