Clinic Tools 5: (Ch 4 & 12)

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    • Ear notcher 
    • -to make permanent identifying  marks in the ears of pigs goats and sheep
    • (can be round or sharp)
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    • Tattoo Outfit: Manual
    • -to identify an animal permanently by placing number or letters inside the ear, lip, or thigh
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    • Tattoo Letter and Digits
    • -to be used w/ the tattoo outfit to make punctures for permanent identification
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    • Tattoo Ink
    • -to be used w/ that tattoo outfit to make the punctures permanently visible
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    • Tattoo Outfit: Electric 
    • -To identify an animal permanently by placing numbers, letters, or designs inside ear, lip, or thigh
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    • Marker Paint
    • -to mark an animal temporarily
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    • Hog Snare
    • -to capture and hold a hog for venipuncture, injections, or other procedures
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    • *ear protection needed for hog vocalization*
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    • Sheep Crook
    • -to separate and capture sheep
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    • Hoof Trimmer for sheep and goats
    • -to trim excess hoof material
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    • Collars for goat
    • -neck chain, nylon, leather
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    • Fabric Show Halter For Sheep
    • -to maintain control of a sheep's head while showing or leading the sheep
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