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  1. What is an Ecosystem?
    A living community together with its physical surroundings
  2. What is a Community?
    More than 1 population living in the same habitat
  3. What is a Population?
    One species living in a habitat
  4. What is an Organism?
    A living thing
  5. What is the Environment?
    All the conditions an organism lives with.
  6. What are Abiotic factors?
    Non living factors- sunlight, weather, wind, water, temperature, soil
  7. What are biotic factors?
    Living factors - predators, prey, competition, food supply, disease
  8. What are adaptations?
    Special features of a plant or animal survive and reproduce in its environment. Includes- structural, physiological, behavioral, life history
  9. What are structural adaptations?
    Physical features that help a living organism survive
  10. What are physiological adaptations?
    Functional processes in the plant or animal. Stuff they make inside
  11. What are behavioral adaptations?
    How it behaves or acts. What it does
  12. What are life history adaptations?
    Different stages in its life
  13. What is a habitat?
    The place or address of a community or species
  14. What is a niche?
    The job or role an animal has in a community. How it fits into the food chain or web
  15. What is a producer?
    Plants are producers because they make their own food
  16. What are herbivores?
    Herbivores are animals that only eat plants
  17. What are Omnivores?
    Omnivores are animals that ear plants and other animals
  18. What are carnivores?
    Carnivores are animals that only eat meat/other animals
  19. What are decomposers?
    Decomposers are fungi and animals that break down dead and decaying plant and animals
  20. What are scavengers?
    Animals that are carnivores that do not hunt their own prey
  21. What are predators?
    Predators are animals that hunt their food- prey
  22. What are prey?
    Prey are the animals hunted by predators
  23. What are parasites?
    Parasites are animals that live on or in other animals and feed off of them
  24. What are saprophytes?
    An organism that feeds on dead and decaying material. Usually a fungi or bacteria.
  25. What is a food chain?
    The sequence of organisms in an Ecosystem. Shows the flow of energy
  26. What is a food web?
    How the food chains are interrelated
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