Psych CH 9

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  1. What is Reggie Emilia education
    Program of early childhood education that originated in the town of Reggie Emilia, Italy that encourages Childs creativity in a designed setting.
  2. Montessori Schools
    Offer early childhood education based on the philosophy of Maria Montessori, which emphasizes careful work and tasks that each child can do
  3. Overregularization
    Application of rules of grammar even when exceptions occur, making language seem more "regular" than it is.
  4. Fast mapping
    Quick sometimes imprecise way child learns new words by placing them in mental categories according to their perceived meaning
  5. Five intervention efforts
    • 1. Code focused teaching
    • 2. Book-reading
    • 3. Parent education
    • 4. Language enhancement
    • 5. Preschool programs
  6. Code focused teaching
    Teaches children to recognize letters of alphabet and to know sound each makes
  7. Zone of proximal development
    Vygotskys term for skills that a person can exercise only with assistance
  8. Scaffolding
    Temporary support that is tailored to a learners needs, aimed at helping learner master task
  9. Overimitation
    When person imitates an action not relevant part of behavior to be learned.
  10. How much does the brain grow from ages 2-6
    • Brain reaches 75% of adult weight @ age 2
    • 90% by age 5
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