A&P Exam Terms

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  1. three types of muscle tissue
    skeletal, cardiac, and smooth
  2. muscle fibers
    skeletal and smooth muscle cells
  3. skeletal muscle tissue
    muscle attached to bones
  4. cardiac muscle tissue
    muscle of the heart
  5. smooth muscle tissue
    muscle in the walls of hollow organs (stomache, urinary bladder, airways)
  6. striated
    stripes on muscles (on skeletal and cardiac muscles)
  7. voluntary
    muscle under strict nervous control (skeletal muscles)
  8. visceral
    pertaining to internal organ of the body or inner structure (smooth muscles)
  9. enables muscle tissue to perform its duties
    excitability, contractility, extensibility, and elasticity
  10. excitability
    the ability of muscle tissue to receive and respond to stimuli
  11. contractility
    the ability of muscle tissue to shorten when stimulated
  12. extensibility
    the ability of muscle tissue to extend or stretch
  13. elasticity
    the ability of muscle tissue to recoil to resting length after stretching
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