Religion 3/31

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  1. What is reconciliation?
    The sacrament by which our relationship with God is strengthened or restored and our sins are forgiven
  2. What contributes to peace in the world?
    Reconciliation with God and the Church
  3. Did Jesus share his authority to forgive sins with his apostles?
    Yes - after his death and Resurrection, Jesus told his apostles to continue on forgiving people of their sins
  4. Reconciliation is a sacrament of Initiation (TRUE OR FALSE)
  5. _______________ is turning to God with all one's heart.  It happens again and again.
  6. ____________ is a thought, word, deed, action, or omission against God's law.
  7. Jesus continues to forgive us through ______________.
    The Church and the Sacrament of Reconciliation (celebrates the forgiveness of sins)
  8. The unjust actions of one person affect _______________ of the Church.
  9. What is the importance of Reconciliation?
    Reconciliation is important because God takes our sins and we are forgiven and our relationship with God and the Church is strengthened and made new.
  10. What is Jesus' role in calling us to conversion?
    He calls us to repent and turn to God and away from sin.  He lived his life as an example of how we should live.  He shows us how to follow God's love.  He showed us how to pray and how to treat others.  He also taught his followers to show their love for God and forgive others.
  11. What does the parable of the two sons (one did bad things with his father's money and the other used his father's money to help people) teach us?
    It teaches us that even when we mess up and sin that we can be sorry for our sin and ask for forgiveness and turn back to God.  God rejoices and welcomes us back when we have gone away from him.
  12. Jesus calls us to _____________ and _______________.
    Repentance and conversion and Jesus forgives our sins and reconciles them to God
  13. From the beginning of the Church, the forgiveness of sins has first taken place through _______________.
    Baptism - freed from original sin and begin our life anew
  14. What is mortal sin?
    When someone freely chooses to commit a sin that they know is seriously wrong and they turn completely away from God.  God still loves them and they are called to conversion.
  15. Does sin strengthen or weaken our friendship with God and others?
  16. What is venial sin?
    Less serious sin that weakens our friendship with God - these sins do not turn us completely away from God, but they still hurt others, ourselves, and the Church
  17. What is justice?
    the belief that all people are equal
  18. Sin leads to unjust situations in the world...what is this called and give some examples?
    Social sin - homelessness, poverty, crime, violence
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