EYV Units 1-9

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  1. A cappella
    Without musical accompaniment (in the manner of a chapel)
  2. Atheist:
    A person who denies the existence of god (Greek “without god”)
  3. Cognoscenti:
    Experts (those in the know)
  4. Cynic:
    A person who is inclined to deny the honesty of human motives (Greek “dog”)
  5. Empiricist:
    A person who believes that experience provides the only basis for knowledge (Greek “experience”)
  6. Finale:
    The end (final; end)
  7. Front-runner:
    The leader in a competition (track)
  8. Graffiti:
    Words drawn on buildings (little scratching)
  9. Have an ace up one’s sleeve:
    To have a resource held in reserve (card playing)
  10. Hedonist:
    A person who believes that pleasure is the chief good in life (Greek “pleasure”)
  11. Iconoclast:
    A person who attacks established beliefs (Greek “image-breaker”)
  12. Idealist:
    A person who sees things in an ideal form (Greek “form, model”)
  13. Imbroglio:
    A complicated situation (a tangle)
  14. Kickoff:
    To start (football)
  15. Libretto:
    The printed text of the words to an opera (little book, booklet)
  16. Long shot:
    A bet that has only a slight chance of success (horse racing)
  17. Manifesto:
    A public declaration if intentions (a manifestation)
  18. Materialist:
    A person who believes that worldly possessions form the only good in life (Latin “matter”)
  19. Monday-morning quarterback:
    A person who explains after a defeat what went wrong (football)
  20. Monotheist:
    A person who believes that there is only one God (Greek “one god”)
  21. Motto:
    A brief sentence that expresses the purpose of something (a word)
  22. Mystic:
    A person who seeks to commune with God (Greek “an initiate”)
  23. Pantheist:
    A person who believes in all gods (Greek “all gods”)
  24. Par for the course:
    Exactly what is to be expected (golf)
  25. Pinch-hit:
    To serve as a substitute (baseball)
  26. Polytheist:
    A person who believes in many gods (Greek “many gods”)
  27. Pragmatist:
    A person who approaches situations from a practical point of view (Greek “deed, affair”)
  28. Prima Donna:
    A temperamental person (first lady)
  29. Put on a full-court press:
    To overcome an opponent by contesting at every opportunity (basketball)
  30. Quarantine:
    To isolate (forty days)
  31. Scenario:
    The outline of a dramatic work (scenery)
  32. Showboating:
    Seeking to attract attention (baseball)
  33. Sotto voce:
    Very softly (under the voice, under one’s breath)
  34. Squadron:
    A large military unit (a big square)
  35. Start out with two strikes
    against you:
    To begin with a severe disadvantage (baseball)
  36. Studio:
    An artist’s workroom (a study)
  37. Stymied:
    Frustrated or thwarted (golf)
  38. Tempo:
    The speed at which music is played (time)
  39. Throw in the towel:
    To give up (boxing)
  40. Torso:
    The trunk of the human body (the body of a statue)
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