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  1. personification
    a figure of speech in which objects are given human qualities
  2. plot line
    a graphic display of the events in a story
  3. point of view
    the view the reader gets of the action and characters in a story
  4. protagonist
    the chief character
  5. pun
    a humorous play on words using similar sounding words to suggest different meanings
  6. realism
    the depiction of things as it is believed they really are
  7. rhetoric
    the language of a work and its style
  8. rhyme
    the repetition of similar sounds at regular intervals
  9. Romanticism
    the depiction of idealized characters and events
  10. sarcasm
    a sharp expression or remark
  11. satire
    a literary style used to make fun of an idea
  12. sentence structure
    the manner in which grammatical elements are arranged in a sentence
  13. sentiment
    refined and tender emotion in literature
  14. sentimental
    used to describe characters' excessive emotional response
  15. simile
    a figurative comparison using the words like or as
  16. sonnet
    a 14-line verse form, usually consisting of 3 four-line units and a concluding rhymed couplet
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